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Published: September 6, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Players have been complaining about higher-ranked matchmaking in LoL
  • Wild Rift’s developers suggest a feature that might fix that
  • Players seem to agree with the proposition

A new Wild Rift update will force players to get good with certain champions before advancing, hopefully fixing matchmaking issues at higher ranks.

Wild Rift to Have New Update

For a long time now League of Legends players have been complaining about the game’s matchmaking system, particularly when it comes to solo queueing. Higher-rank players are often being forced to play with lower-ranked ones, deteriorating the experience. 

However, it looks like this won’t be a problem anymore for League of Legends’ mobile version Wild Rift. The game’s director Jaren “DarkHorse4Life” Berbach explained in a recent Patch 3.4 preview trailer that the developers have been keeping a “close eye on Legendary Queue” and will be bringing a new feature to tackle the matchmaking problems. 

“High ranking, competitive players want to be confident that their teammates are playing their best champs,” Berbach explained,” so we’re adding a new gate for Legendary queue based on your champion Mastery score.”

The new feature will limit Wild Rift players’ choice of champions in Legendary queue matchups. They will be able to pick only those champions for which they have a high enough Mastery. Players will then be required to grind other queues to become familiar with them and raise their Mastery points. This in turn will unlock more champion options for them. 

How Is This Suggestion Seen?

The new feature’s idea is to force players to become better with certain champions, hopefully equalizing their skill levels at higher tanks. It, however, is not a perfect solution. According to game statistic tracking platform Statista, only 2% of players are higher than Platinum rank. The rest 98% are just casual players, who will find it way more difficult to find time to grind up 161 champions. 

A solution to this drawback might be to add the feature only in the Legendary queue. Only players who have hit the Diamond rank can play in the Legendary queue and this number is even less than two percent of the total League players in North America, thus, the feature will not have much impact on the larger player base.

From discussions on the Reddit League community, it seems that many players tend to agree with this conclusion. It would be interesting to see the feature in the PC version of the game. It will encourage players to get familiar with more champions and expand their selection pool. It’s also hoped that the feature will deter players from impulsively picking champions that they do not have much practice with this, in turn, saving them from a potentially frustrating game.

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