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Published: November 11, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Riot’s first animated series Arcane achieves massive success
  • Perhaps the studio could adapt some other stories into TV format
  • Riot teased they will be working on other video projects after Arcane’s success

League of Legends’ first animated series Arcane took the Internet by storm, its popularity skyrocketing. Here are a few more stories Riot should adapt into TV format.

Arcane’s Success

League of Legends recently debuted its first original animated series, which follows the story of Jinx (still named Powder in Arcane) and her older sister Vi, along with some other character players of the game may recognize.

The first three episodes of the series were released just after the League of Legends World Championship last Saturday and the show already dominates charts in 38 countries. Following Arcane’s success, here are some other stories Riot might want to think of bringing to TV:

Lux, Garen, and Sylas’ Adventures in Demacia

Even non-regular players of the game know Demacia as one of the two factions in the LoL universe, the other being Noxus, who fight over for world domination, each pretending to fight a just cause for order. However, the Season 10 Warriors cinematic showed that Demacia has its own internal conflict.

In it, we can see the struggles Lux and Garen have to go through in their own country. An expansion and adaptation of their story would be an interesting look at internal Damacia politics and societal structure.

Twisted Fate and Graves’ Adventures in Bilgewater

Back in Season 5 we saw some background on Miss Fortune and Gangplank’s bitter feud, which stems from when the latter killed the former’s parents. But what about Twisted Fate and Graves though?

The two adventurers go way back, knowing well the dangers of Bilgewater. They have traveled across Runeterra together to search for the most lucrative treasure, which ended badly for Graves. Yet a story following their struggles would give us an interesting perspective.

Ryze’s Story

It is yet to be confirmed, but in the second episode of Arcane, Ryze might have made a cameo, in Jayce’s flashback about Hextech crystals. Because the mage has seen many things during his long life, he would make an interesting protagonist for a mini-series explaining what happened to the World Runes, and his quest to try and save the artifacts from ruin.

The Kinkou Order

The Kinkou Order is the self-proclaimed protector of the First Lands, which are one of Runeterra’s most sacred places.

Yet internal politics also play a big role here, with the Kinkou Order’s internal machinations being a good basis for a story. Some like Shen rise up his group into peaceful protectors, others like Akali leaving the Order to defend Ionia in her own way. With champions like Zed and Kennen also interlinked, and the Noxian invasion, there is much potential in a story following Ionia and its people.

Shurima’s Rise and Fall

Before Demacia and Noxus ever stood off against each other, Shurima was the most powerful empire in Runeterra. Once a great state, Shurima was brought down by lust for power and treachery.

Azir was next in line to the Shuriman throne, and had a friend by the name of Xerath. To achieve his goal Azir used his friend, before reneging all his promises to abolish slavery in Shurima. at the Day of Ascension, Xerath betrayed Azir as the former emperor looked to gain immortality. However, this destroyed the kingdom as they knew it, with the two former friends now fighting for control of Shurima’s throne.

Freljord and the Story of the Three Sisters

The northern region of Runeterra is surrounded by myths the stories of the Three Sisters would be a fascinating exploration into League of Legends’ history.

There is also much to be learned from tales about old gods like Ornn, Anivia, and Volibear. Perhaps modern Freljordians like Ashe, Sejuani, Braum, and Olaf could explore these frozen lands. Perhaps the region could be tied to Jayce’s flashback in Arcane, when he and his mother were saved by a runic mage (presumed to be Ryze).

With over 150 champions to choose from, Riot has much potential for future cinematic projects. Perhaps we will see some of the proposed stories here on TV, as recently Riot teased they will be working on new video projects after Arcane’s success.

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