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Published: January 6, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Fans will see the World Championship 2022 finalists at the kickoff event
  • The Spring Split’s loser bracket will work in a different way
  • Unfortunately, ticket prices for live events have been increased

The 2023 LCK is starting soon and fans can expect more matches during the Spring Split thanks to changes to the format.

Kickoff Event Will Have Special Guests

With the start of the new year comes the beginning of the competitive League of Legends season. Regions around the globe are making last-minute preparations before the kickoff of this year’s competition and the LCK is no exception. The league has revealed the full schedule and format for its 2023 spring split, which is starting in just two weeks. 

Starting on January 19, the league will start with a bang. It will feature a match between the two finalists of the 2022 World Championship, as well as other great performing teams from the last season. The first match will see the reigning champions DRX face off against DK, while the second match will see the other finalists, T1 with their unchanged roster, go up against Gen.G.

LCK Is Starting With Changes

The start of the LCK 2023 will also bring with itself several format changes. Although the regular season would not see much deviation from last year, the LCK is implementing some new features to the regular Spring Split and playoffs.

The start time of the weekend series was changed, starting at midnight CT instead of 2 am last year. The Spring playoffs’ format is also undergoing some changes. The series, which is scheduled between March 22 to April 9, will see the six best teams of the regular season will face off against each other as before. However, from round three onwards, a loser’s bracket will be added for the teams that lost in the semifinals. This will give said teams a chance to get back to the grand finals by winning three more series. 

One negative change is the price of tickets. Up until now, fans who wanted to attend offline matches in LoL Park, Seoul, will now have to pay 20 000 won (about $15). Up until now, the ticket cost 15 000 won ($11) and this change marks the first time prices for tickets were increased since 2019. 

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