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Published: October 25, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • General Sniper breaks LoL’s North America server’s solo queue record
  • The young player is following in his older brother V1per’s footsteps
  • Sniper’s achievements so far promises a great career in esports

At just 14 years of age Rayan “General Sniper” Shoura, a League of Legends Twitch streamer, has broken the record for the most amount of solo queue LP ever attained on the North American LoL server.

General Sniper Breaks a World Record

Rayan Shoura, more popularly known online as General Sniper, is not a new name in the League of Legends circles. He first came into view of the LoL community back in 2020 when he signed with esports organization Cloud9 as a streamer in November. Unfortunately, soon after his contract was signed, it was terminated, as it turns out the minimum age for someone to be a streamer signed onto a team is 15.

However, this setback did not discourage the young pro player from streaming. He continued his activities on Twitch, growing his skills and climbing to the highest ranks of the League of Legends solo queue. On October 22, General Sniper broke the previous holder’s record, Team Liquid’s support player CoreJJ, who set his record in June earlier this year. The 14-year-old reached 1850 LP on NA server’s solo queue.

The Young Prodigy’s Skills

The record was posted on Twitter by General Sniper himself, with a caption reading “Highest LP ever in NA!” and a reply to his own thread “Sorry @TLCoreJJ.”, joyfully having at the previous record holder.

Perhaps it should be to no one’s surprise that the young man is already quite a name in the League of Legends community. His brief contact with Cloud9 last year should serve as proof of the fact big organizations have noticed his gaming skills. Perhaps they are present because of the influence of Shoura’s older brother, pro player V1per. He is a good Riven player (his younger brother also being great with Riven), and the Immortals Academy top laner.

Shoura seems like somewhat of a wonder kid, as when he was 13, he achieved the rank of Challenger. He also helped Tiler1’s team, which was appropriately nicknamed “T1 Toddlers”, in Twitch Rivals.

With all of these achievements at such a young age, it is clear the teenager has a bright future in LoL esports if he decides to follow in the footsteps of his older brother.

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