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Published: September 6, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Esports lawyer spoke about possible outcomes of Dr Disrespect’s lawsuit against Twitch’
  • He took several outcomes into consideration
  • In the most favorable for Doc, he might not only get reimbursed but return to the streaming platform

Esports lawyer Roger Quiles explained where Dr Disrespect’s lawsuit against Twitch might go and what outcomes fans should expect. 

Dr Disrespect Sues Twitch Over Ban

Dr Disrespect is a famous figurehead in video game streaming. However, in 2020 he was subjected to a rather mysterious ban by the streaming platform Twitch. Doc recently revealed that he has finally found out the reason for his ban and announced his plan to take things to court. 

Dexerto’s producer WGG Chris P spoke with esports lawyer Roger Quiles on how the lawsuit may turn out. 

According to Quiles, the lawsuit, regardless of how it turns out, is undoubtedly going to be expensive to all parties involved. However, should Doc come on top, he would definitely get his money’s worth as he may even be allowed back on Twitch.

Quiles laid down two possible ways in which Doc and Twitch can resolve the matter. The first is for the case to go to court, and the second is for it to go through arbitration. The esports lawyer explained the differences. 

He revealed that a court case could sometimes last for months or maybe even years. Considering the hourly wage of lawyers will make things much more difficult for the parties involved. However, if the case is taken to court, the details will be officialized as all records are public knowledge. This would mean that fans can finally learn the obscure truth behind Dr Disrespect’s ban.

On the contrary, if things are settled down through arbitration, most of the important information will never be released to the public. Arbitration, on the other hand, takes much less time to get a verdict. 

The Lawsuit’s Possible Outcomes

Quiles explored several possible outcomes of the upcoming legal battle. He explained that in case a breach of contract is confirmed and Doc wins, and he will probably receive a lot of reimbursement for all the damages the ban has caused him. In that case, the legal fees for the lawsuit will probably be paid by Twitch. A winning scenario may even get Doc’s contract renewed, and he might just find his way back to Twitch. 

Should Doc lose, however, he will be the one paying the legal fees and will likely never be on Twitch again.

Lastly, there is a chance where Doc and Twitch open up to discourse and decide on a fair settlement that benefits both parties. 

Quiles mentioned that Dr Disrespect has a capable team behind his back, and they probably have researched things well and know what they are doing. Yet, it is still early to make guesses about where Doc’s lawsuit will lead. In any case, it will be definitely interesting to wait and find out. 

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