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Published: July 22, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Keyano College has hired a new head esports coach
  • Ben Bramly will be in charge of the Huskies team
  • Bramly has two years worth of experience as a coach 

Ben Bramly will be moving to Fort McMurray, where he will be becoming Keyano College’s new head esports coach. As such, he will guide aspiring professionals to victory. 

Keyano’s New Coach

Ben Bramly is officially Keyano College’s new head esports coach of the Huskies team. As such, he will be moving to Fort McMurray, where he will begin assembling new teams that will represent the college in collegiate leagues. 

Bramly revealed that he couldn’t hold his excitement. He believes that teaching in a new location will be an enriching experience in a field he is already familiar with. Bramly promises to do his best to live up to the expectations. The new coach hopes his efforts will make a change and will help to develop the local esports scene. 

The new coach’s aforementioned experience comes from his two years as a coach in Durham College, where he led the Durham Lords team to victory: under Bramly’s guidance, Durham Lords won several collegiate titles during the New England Collegiate Conference and the OCRS Ruckus Tournament Championship. The team has also qualified for the CRL – an event that includes the top 20 NA college teams. 

Raising a Generation of Professionals

In his new workplace, Bramly hopes that many people will show interest in numerous video games. He is especially keen on tutoring players in Call of Duty, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros., and VALORANT. 

Bramly disclosed that some of the applicants have thousands of hours in their chosen titles and are especially skilled and knowledgeable. 

According to Bramly, esports requires just as much skill as any other sport. Although he knows many people disagree, the new coach is convinced that muscle memory, coordination, reaction, and decision-making are no joke and are skills that need mastering in order for one to flourish as a professional esports athlete. 

 “A lot of these games move at much faster speeds than traditional sports, so I think that reaction time and needing to make those split-second decisions really put it ahead of even some traditional sports,” Keyano’s new head coach claimed. 

Keyano College is no stranger to esports – the school recently announced a new two-year long esports administration diploma. Additionally, the establishment is currently working on its esports arena that should open next year. The arena is expected to have state-of-the-art gamer gear and facilities for people to meet and hang out. 

Keyano College is delighted to welcome its proficient new coach. The establishment’s athletics director, Jonathan Lambert, believes that Bramly can truly bring out the best from the students and make Keyano College a notable name when it comes to collegiate esports. 

Collegiate esports has been on a steady rise in North America as a whole. Recently several of the most notable college esports organizations came together to form a new Superleague.

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