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Published: September 20, 2021

Written by: David

  • Kay has returned to creating content on YouTube three months after getting kicked by FaZe
  • He was banned from the organization because of the “Save the Kids” crypto scandal
  • The British gamer has planned out exciting new videos which he’ll be making alongside his brother Jarvis

Former FaZe member Kay is returning to making YouTube content after three months of getting removed from the organization.

Kay Returns to YouTube Three Months Later

In early July, several members of the FaZe Clan esports organization were suspended from its ranks. The reason was their involvement with a cryptocurrency token by the name “Save the Kids” – the content creators had propagated it before dumping their own investments shortly after. At that time FaZe’s co-owner Richard “Ricky” Bengston suggested that the involved should even serve jail time. Although it never came to this, Frazier ‘Kay’ Khattri got the worst of it as he was permanently removed from the organization.

During that time Kay has tried to clear his name several times but to no avail. Now, almost three months later, Kay announced his return as an independent YouTube streamer. The announcement came in the form of a YouTube video where Kay showed what his life is like currently.

The video features Kay training in the gym with his brother Jarvis (who was among the suspended FaZe members), gifting a high-end PC to a kid, picking up his ex-girlfriend, and hanging out with friends.

Kay’s Future as an Independent Content Creator

From everything, it looks like Kay will now be making videos independently, along with Jarvis. The content creator reveals that he’s actually really excited about what they have planned. Kay promises that a new beginning is coming where he will act naturally, instead of forcing out screams while playing video games on camera. 

It isn’t far-fetched to conclude that Jarvis will also be leaving FaZe for good. Jarvis was suspended from the organization alongside Teeqo and Nikan. Teeqo managed to mend his relations with FaZe but it’s likely that Jarvis doesn’t have such intentions and will prefer to work together with his brother Kay.

It is yet to be seen if Kay has any intentions of talking more about the “Save the Kids” drama or whether the FaZe higher-ups will pursue a lawsuit as they had intended. For now, the good news for Kay fans is that he is back and will be making videos on YouTube.

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