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Published: August 18, 2021

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Famous video game YouTuber JackSepticEye recently went on a sudden break
  • In a recent interview, he revealed that he feels exhausted and would like to change pace for a while
  • The YouTuber said he would be returning in the future but didn’t give an exact date of when it might happen

Beloved YouTube gamer JackSepticEye is currently on a hiatus, following deep exhaustion from content creation. 

Exhaustion Got to JackSepticEye

Sean McLoughlin, more known by his YouTube alias JackSepticEye, is a famous gaming YouTuber who recently went on a sudden break to the dismay of his fans. However, he recently spoke about his break and his future plans of returning to making gaming videos. 

It has been a whole month since JackSepticEye last posted video game content. It would seem that the content creator was tired as he recently spoke with Polygon and shared that he feels burnt out after making videos for so long. The YouTuber revealed that although he might come back at any time, he feels exhausted mentally and doesn’t even know what game he would play should he returns to YouTube.

He even had thought about leaving YouTube behind at one point but, in the end, to the relief of his fans, decided not to. 

The Youtuber Will Add Some Variety to His Life Before Returning to YouTube

JackSepticEye promised that he would be returning to the video-sharing platform with new content in the future but didn’t specify when that might be. For now, he wants to take some more rest, recharge, and get some inspiration. The content creator shared that he wants to try out new things instead of putting all of his energy into YouTube entertainment. He wants to find new activities that challenge him even more instead of needlessly pushing himself to make YouTube content.

Although it is yet unknown when JackSepticEye might return, some suggest that the release of the new addition to the God of War franchise in 2022 is sure to spark his interest and bring him back to YouTube for at least a while. 

Or at least this is what subscribers of the YouTuber’s channel hope. In any case, it will be best for both JackSepticEye and his fans if he takes his much-needed break so he can find new inspiration and return with a new and even more exciting portion of the content that his fans love. 

Regardless of when that happens, JackSepticEye will be welcomed back by the whole of YouTube’s gaming community.

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