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Published: October 7, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • Popular Twitch star Indiefoxx will be returning to streaming, this time on YouTube
  • She will be broadcasting starting October 9
  • It is still unknown what type of content she will be putting out

Twitch star Indiefoxx has been banned from the platform multiple times, with fans wondering if she would make a comeback soon. She has now confirmed she will be coming to YouTube.

Indiefoxx Announces Her YouTube Debut

This year Twitch had a sort of “meta” strategy if you are a growing content creator – hot tub streams. One of the creators that took advantage of that was Indiefoxx, who managed to accumulate over 2 million followers.

Naturally, this rather sensitive type of content lead to an amazing number of bans throughout the year. Her first ban was on January 29 with five more following after that, with the last, potentially permanent one, which saw her partner status revoked on June 28.

She posted a short promotional video on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, to announce her YouTube debut. In it we can see her partaking in some ASMR while lying in bed. Suddenly she receives an email from Twitch Support that says that her Twitch account has been suspended permanently following multiple guideline infringements, followed by a cutoff.

After this the scene transitions to a “manager” character who is speaking on the phone about recruiting the streamer and giving her a new place to stay. The last scene is of Indiefoxx laying on a filthy couch covered with Dorito chips and Mountain Dew cans. She then receives a phone call from the “manager”, inviting her to a new streaming gig.

What Will She Be Streaming?

The creator’s first YouTube stream will be on Saturday, October 9 at 12 PM PST and her new channel is called JenelleCat.

Indiefoxx becomes one of the many streamers who have recently been abandoning Twitch in favor of other platforms. Another popular permanently banned content creator is Dr Disrespect, who for some yet unknown reason was mysteriously banned in the summer of 2020. He plans to take the matter to court.

However, it seems that Indiefoxx has no intentions of going through the whole inconvenience of a lawsuit against Twitch, instead preferring to just switch platforms.

It is not yet known what type of content Indiefoxx will be putting out on YouTube, however, the streamer has to be careful, as if it is anything quite as risqué as her former content, she might be faced with Google’s even stricter rules and punishment.

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