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Published: October 25, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Talents will not be streaming while a colleague is debuting or has a 3D model reveal
  • This also applies to Cover’s all-male branch HoloStars
  • Usada Pekora talks about the new rule and how Holo-members have received it

To put more emphasis on their debuting and 3D-revealing talents, Hololive parent company Cover has implemented a new rule that encompasses all branches

Cover Corp Implements a New Rule

The past two years have seen vtubers explode in popularity and Hololive is perhaps the world’s most popular agency for such content creators. Its many talents usually use Live2D models for streaming but also have 3D models for concerts or other special occasions. These full-body models are often showcased to fans in special once-in-a-lifetime events that draw in tens or even hundreds of thousands of viewers. 

In order for the vtuber to be able to focus attention on their channel during their 3D model debuts, there was an unspoken rule that said vtuber’s colleagues would not stream during that time and take away viewership. However, this “rule” extended only to members of the same branch of the agency. 

Hololive, or more specifically Cover Corp’s talents are separated into a few different branches – JP, for the Japanese streamers, EN, for the English-speaking ones, and ID for their Indonesian streamers. There is also the fast-developing all-male branch of HoloStars that also has a recently-debuted English-speaking roster of four members. 

This separation led to members of the different branches streaming during another branch’s member’s 3D debut or other important events. This often leads to the broader Holo audience splitting their attention, but a recent rule change in Cover’s protocols will officially stop streamers from broadcasting during other members’ important events.

Usada Pekora Talks About the Rule

Although members of the same generation or branch usually refrain themselves from streaming during a colleague’s important stream, this courtesy did not extend cross-branch. This is why Cover set a new rule in stone that will forbid all Holo-members to stream during another’s debut or other important events. 

Usada Pekora, one of the Japanese branch’s most popular talents recently talked about the new ruling. “The rules regarding the ‘overlap ban’ have changed, just so you know. Up until now, it was debut streams and 3D reveal streams [in the same branch] we weren’t allowed to stream at the same time as,” she said. 

According to Pekora, the talents seem to agree with the decision of the management. It’s yet another one of the things that Cover Corp CEO Motoaki “Yagoo” Tanigo promised to do to support existing talents, instead of focusing on debuting new generations. “It’s not allowed to overlap debut streams or 3D reveals,” Pekora reiterated. “Management said those are once-in-a-lifetime special days, and we agreed.”

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