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Published: January 30, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The streamer wrote on Twitter she would be returning sometime before February 14
  • She also mentioned she is currently in Japan
  • Gura remained active on Twitter during her long break

Popular Hololive English vtuber Gawr Gura will be making a return to streaming after she went on Hiatus due to health reasons in late December 2022.

Gawr Gura Announces Her Return

Sitting at just above 4 million subscribers on YouTube, Hololive’s Gawr Gura is not only the agency’s most popular content creator but also the most-subscribed vtuber on the Internet. However, the streamer has been on an extended break for the past few months, with fans not knowing when she will come back. 

But her followers received good news from the streamer herself when she announced on Twitter yesterday that she will be ending her hiatus and returning to regular streaming sometime before Valentine’s Day. Although she has not yet announced the specific date and time of her return, her fans know she usually does not post schedules of her streams as well. If anything, her not specifying the exact day of her return is quite a normal trait of her character.

Gura’s update also mentioned the vtuber is in Japan, however, she did not specify the reason for her visit. It could be due to business, as Hololive’s parent company Cover Corp is situated in Tokyo, but Gura’s reason to visit the country could just be to see her colleagues. Fellow HoloMyth member Takanashi Kiara, who is also currently in the country, recently mentioned she has been talking a lot with Gura, explaining the shark vtuber has been doing well.

Why did the vtuber have to go on hiatus?

Gawr Gura has been on a streaming hiatus for more than a month, with the Hololive EN Twitter account stating on the 21 of December that the streamer would be taking a break. “Despite taking a break from stream, Gura will still be active on Twitter and connect with fans and post updates about her situation,” the statement read.

This was followed by Gura herself tweeting to explain that she’s had a talk with her management and they both decided the streamer should take a break to focus on health, thanking her fans for the understanding. 

Gura remained active on her Twitter, occasionally posting updates or memes. She even took part in the Hololive Mario Kart New Year Cup tournament held back in early January, although she herself did not broadcast her POV. Her latest tweet suggests that she will explain a lot that has happened in the last month, although she might not reveal the exact circumstances of her health issues.

Gawr Gura had to take a break in the middle of the break undertaken by fellow HoloMyth streamer Ninomae Ina’Nis, who just recently returned from a health-related hiatus of her own. With Gura returning to regular streaming soon, the whole Hololive Myth vtuber generation will once again be in full working order.

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