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Published: June 7, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Nine champions will receive various negative adjustments in the next patch
  • Yuumi and Gragas seem to be the champions receiving the biggest nerfs
  • The other champ’s nerfs seem to be focused on their early game

Every LoL patch usually comes with a ton of nerfs, but Patch 13.12 will be particularly harsh, with Yuumi receiving her sixth wave of negative adjustments this season.

Nine Champions Are Getting Nerfed

League of Legends’ Patch 13.12 revealed the next champions that are going on the nerf chopping block and it looks like fans of Yuumi and Gragas will be receiving bad news. Riot dev Phroxzon shared a tweet on June 6, outlining a slew of changes that are coming to the game, and both characters were among the nine champions that will be receiving nerfs.

The first nerf hitting Gragas will be one affecting his passive heal from Happy Hour. It will remain the same at 6.5% of his maximum health but will now occur far less often, the ability’s cooldown increasing from eight to 12 seconds. According to Phroxzon, Riot decided on this course of action in order to “hit some early sustain to broaden even or losing matchups”. Although the change is meant to level the playing field for Gragas in the top lane, it still remains to be seen what kind of an impact it will have on jungle Gragas builds, especially given the minor nerf to red buff.

Meanwhile, Yuumi is once again receiving nerfs – for the sixth time this season to be exact. The Magical Cat’s E will no longer grant a 35% attack speed buff at all levels. Instead, it will start at 25% and will its way back to the original value as the ability is leveled. Yuumi’s ultimate will also receive a nerf. Her Final Chapter (R)’s over shield value will be adjusted at all levels. 

As mentioned, this is the sixth time this season that the Magical Cat has been on the receiving end of the nerf hammer. Players have often been complaining of the champion’s annoying abilities and playstyle, despite her receiving a rework earlier this year, and have even requested Yuumi be banned from pro play altogether.

Some other champions are also receiving buffs, including Rell, whose adjustments come following some slightly overturned abilities and values brought about by the mid-scope update she received in the previous patch. Meanwhile, Zeri is also receiving some big nerfs after she dominated everything in the majority of Season 13.

Lulu will also see some hefty nerfs with the next patch, with her starting armor value dropping slightly and receiving some early-game changes to her passive damage and her Help, Pix! (E) shield value. Milio will also have his starting armor slightly drop and his passive on-hit damage will no longer scale up. His damage will now be locked at 15% bonus AD at all levels.

Finally, Kha’Zix’s starting AD will be dropped by 5% to 60, K’Sante’s Footwork (E) ability will jump up by 1.5 seconds at all levels, and Kog’Maw will deal slightly less damage with Bio-Arcane Barrage (W).

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