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Published: July 27, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Hearthstone is receiving its Patch 24.0
  • It brings many quality-of-life improvements and readjusts many heroes
  • Several auxiliary game modes also receive new characters and features

Hearthstone’s Patch 24.0 goes live on July 26 and brings some significant changes to the game’s auxiliary game modes.

New Ways to Bring Back Players

With the coming of the Constructed expansion to Hearthstone on August 2, the developers have released a new patch to entice fans to return to the game. Among the new quality-of-life features, Patch 24.0 will also come with goodies for Battlegrounds and Mercenaries enthusiasts.

Returning players will also get the offered rewards more than once as long as they’ve been away from the game for more than 120 days. They, as well as regular players, will now be able to quickly open multiple packs by continually holding down the Space key. The expansion also brings along a refreshed Rewards Track for those looking for a fresh new grind for shiny new rewards.

Changes Coming to Battlegrounds

Battleground fans will have a new small yet significant feature added to their game in the form of Heistbaron Togwaggle. This is a new hero with a nine-gold Hero Power called The Perfect Crime. With a description reading “Steal all minions in Bob’s Tavern. Each turn, your next Hero Power costs (1) less,” this will be an interesting new tool in the player’s deck.

Some other changes will come to the Lich King, Sneed, and Edwin VanCleef, who will all now be able to target minions in Bob’s Tavern. Red Whelp now has two attack and two health, and Evolving Chromawing has also returned to the pool, with a 1/1 body and a completely reworked text: “After you Upgrade your Tavern Tier, gain +1/+1 for each friendly Dragon.”

The patch also brings six new murder mystery-themed emotes that coincide with the expansion’s storyline.

Mercenaries, Duels, and Arena

Mercenaries fans should rejoice as the devs gave added a new limited-time event revolving around C’Thun. The Old God, along with Sir Finley, is now a collectible Mercenary. Sir Finley will be awarded for free to all players on the Murder at Castle Nathria Rewards Track, and his Portraits can be earned by players who have the Tavern Pass. Meanwhile, C’Thun and its Portraits will be obtainable through normal means in a patch after its event ends.

Players who like Duels will be happy to hear that the game mode now has a new hero called Darius Crowley. His gameplay revolves around his main cannon and his abilities look similar to those found during his adventures in The Witchwood.

More detailed information about him, as well as the changes coming to a total of 33 other characters, can be found in the developers’ Patch 24.0 blog post.

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