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Published: December 15, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Two Twitch streamers are banned, following discussion over the usage of the word “cracker”
  • They follow Hasan, who was banned for the same reason a few days ago
  • Heated online discussion debates if Twitch or Hasan and his fellow streamers are in the right

After the popular Twitch streamer Hasan got banned for a week for using the word “cracker”, more content creators are facing similar punishments.

More Banned Streamers

After Hasan discussed the use of the word “cracker” on stream, he was banned for a week by Twitch and now two other streamers have followed him. VaushVidya and Fawn have 82k and 32k followers respectively were also recently banned. Vaush posted a screenshot on Twitter, saying the ban was indefinite and writing sarcastically somewhat “Proud of Twitch for finally taking a stand against anti-white racism.”

Naturally, Twitch does not condone the use of any racial slurs, saying in its rules that “Using hateful slurs, either untargeted or directed towards another individual“ is strictly prohibited. Twitch gives examples such as “entering a chat and spamming a slur”, “targeting an individual with a slur based on a protected characteristic” and “calling another player a slur in anger while streaming.”

Fawn did not confirm the exact reason for the ban, but said she believes it is “for the same thing.”

Why Was Hasan Banned in the First Place?

The ban that started it all was that of Hasan, who came into Twitch’s crosshairs after a heated debate with his chat on December 13 regarding the use of the word “cracker”.

The discussion was provoked by a commenter who said the word is an “umbrella harmful term” for white people. This urged Hasan to explain that he’s been called a “cracker” many times. He continued by explaining that if someone calls someone else the word, the former is powerless. “They’re doing it as someone who’s been historically oppressed blowing off steam. You can say that that’s infantilizing or whatever the fuck, but that’s truly the reality. Because there is no historical or contemporary oppression tied to that word because there is no historical or contemporary oppression with being white.”

Shortly after the stream, Hasan was banned and he posted a short laconic tweet:

The ban caused a ruckus and discussion online arguing if Hasan is in the right or not. Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad said: “Kinda wild how Twitch responded faster to this absolute non-issue than the actual racism that POC streamers face on the platform.”

Others thought the ban was justified. One Reddit user said that Hasan was not joking around with his usage of the word and the attitude that came with it while discussing it with his chat.

Hasan is banned for a week from Twitch and has considered joining YouTube-exclusive Ludwig.

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