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Published: April 24, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Halo Infinite’s Forge mod is one of the best features added to the game since its launch
  • One player spent a whopping 1 400 hours recreating Valhalla from Halo 3
  • The map seems accurate to the smallest detail and it’s made with Infinite’s mechanics in mind

As Halo’s mechanics progressed through the years, many maps fell out, but that did not stop one player from recreating one of the franchise’s most iconic maps for Infinite.

Forge Tool Changed Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite has been out for about a year and a half already and the game has gone through a ton of tubulations, to say the least. From a delayed start filled with bugs, to players complaining of a lack of content in the game’s early months, to rumors that 343 Industries might step away as Halo’s developer following Microsoft layoffs, the game has had many ups and downs.

But it seems that Infinite’s devs are still trying to improve the game by adding content that’s much-desired by the player base. One of the biggest recent such things was the addition of Forge late last year. This mod was a staple of old Halo games and allowed players to create everything from custom game modes, to entire new maps. This addition was well received by the fan base, with Forge surpassing 1 million creations three months after it was released. 

However, some players have taken a step further in their efforts and creations with Forge. One of the players that certainly made great use of the Forge spent a whopping 1 400 hours recreating one of Halo 3’s most iconic maps for Infinite.

Player Recreates Valhalla from Halo 3

When 343 Industries were designing Halo Infinite, they knew not all classical maps would make it into the new game. This was because the many gameplay changes the Halo franchise accumulated over the years, would not blend well with older maps designed with simpler game mechanics in mind.

Unfortunately, this left one of the most iconic Halo 3 maps, Valhalla, out of Infinite. This is why a Reddit user by the name of PandoraOz spend over 1 400 hours recreating every minute detail of the map in Infinite’s Forge. “After 1400 hours, I was finally able to fulfill my biggest dream: being able to see the beautiful Valhalla map again,” the Reddit post showcasing the creation reads. 

Despite the map being an almost exact recreation of the original Valhalla, it’s upscaled, meaning the large nature of the map could allow it to be suited to Halo Infinite’s modern gameplay. Many commenters seem to agree and praise PandoraOz for their hard work, saying they would like to see 343 Industries include the map in an upcoming community playlist.

The fans’ positive reaction shows the potential of Forge and how it can change Infinite’s gameplay. 343 has often made decisions that the Halo community disapproves of, but perhaps they will be able to someday achieve the reputation that Bungie once had if they continue to listen to the community.

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