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Published: March 29, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Players will experience less rubber banding and jittering in multiplayer matches
  • Navigating customization menus on PC is also more stable
  • Crashes are also less likely when loading between the main menu and gameplay

Well into Season 3, Halo Infinite received a big update that aims to fix the game’s stability issues and frequent crashes.

Devs Release a Ton of Fixes

Halo Infinite is well into its third season, and fans have been complaining of some instability issues, that hark to the earlier days of the game. The FPS’s deva already addressed some of these when Season 3 Echoes Within launched on March 7, but some problems have persisted since. 

Fortunately for players, 343 has not stood idle the past few weeks but has been working out on ironing out the remaining issues. The patch that came out yesterday deals with fixing a multitude of menu and multiplayer problems. According to the official patch notes from 343 Industries, players should now see far less rubber banding and jittering while interacting with environmental objects in multiplayer. 

Players should also experience far less crashing, especially those who use non-English keyboard settings. Furthermore, Escalation Slayer and Covert One Flag modes won’t commonly disconnect players anymore. 

Unfortunately, the patch notes, although quite detailed, do not say anything about the recent issue which got low-spec gamers locked out of Halo Infinite due to an increase in the game’s minimum hardware requirements. It looks like this behavior is intentional, with 343 perhaps aiming to discourage players with slower setups to play, in order to reduce latency and crashing problems. This looks like a “sweep under the rug” solution that does not fix anything, but it seems that some players are simply going to be unlucky in that regard. 

What Does 343 Plan about Halo’s Future?

Halo Infinite has been live for less than a year and a half, having launched in late 2021, but the game has had a multitude of problems ever since, some of which continue to persist. Performance issues have always been a thorn in the players’ sight. The fan base has also constantly been berating 343 Industries for the lack of cosmetics for the game. 

There were even real fears that 343 might move away from Halo Infinite earlier this year when parent company Microsoft hit the studio with a lot of layoffs. Fortunately, 343 Industries stayed at the helm of development, and the recent large amounts of content for the game prove that at least Halo’s multiplayer still has a lot to offer. 

Only time will tell if 343 Industries maintains and improves the current quality of Halo Infinite.

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