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Published: October 18, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Halo Infinite recently saw more than 18,000 concurrent players
  • The last time so many fans played the game at one time was in May of 2022
  • However, the game still has not reached its all-time high of 270K concurrent players

The release of Halo Infinite’s new Season 5: Reckoning has caused a three-time increase in its average concurrent players, making the total numbers reach the levels from over 17 months ago.

Halo Sees Huge Rise In Players

It’s been almost two years since Halo Infinite was launched and it’s safe to say that the game has been through a lot of turbulence. Although when it was initially released, hundreds of thousands of players descended upon it to experience the newest iteration of the Halo franchise, that hype soon died down as the game seemed unfinished. It lacked many features such as coop, Forge, and a variety of cosmetics among many other features that fans wanted. This resulted in a massive drop in the activity of the fan base, scoring just a couple of thousand concurrent players

However, it seems that following the release of Halo Infinite’s Season 5, the game has seen a massive resurgence in the number of players that are in the game. In fact, Infinite recorded the largest number of concurrent players since the launch of Season 2, which was over 17 months ago. Many fans are returning to see what new things the title has to offer.

According to Steam Charts, Halo Infinite had over 18,000 concurrent players constituting a three-time increase in the average player numbers. At the time of writing of this article, these numbers seem to continue growing slowly and Infinite is currently in the Top 50 on Steam based on concurrent players.

Although the recent news is quite good for the state of Halo Infinite, which seemed to have been stagnating for a very long time, it should be noted that the current numbers are a far cry from the all-time high of over 270 000 concurrent players around the time of the game’s release in 2021. Developers 343 Industries still have a big task ahead of them, as Halo Infinite might already have most of the features that fans wanted, but it took almost two years to get here. During that time, the game’s reputation has suffered and it will take more time and effort on the part of 343i to fix this issue.

However, it’s still unknown where the studio will take Halo Infinite in the future. Recent rumors suggested 343I is working on a new mainline Halo campaign, but it’s unknown if this would be a DLC for Infinite or an entirely new game. The former will likely increase the player base, while the latter might take away resources from Infinite, which could have a negative effect on the game.

That being said, it will likely be many months before any substantial information on that particular project is revealed. In the meantime, Halo Infinite fans could just hope that the [player numbers will keep rising.

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