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Published: December 29, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Halo Infinite players say the ranked system is “broken”
  • It takes too many victorious matches to maintain your rank in the game
  • 343 Industries has been fixing many issues the player base has shed light on, and this is going to be one of them

Those players who are aiming to reach the highest Onyx rank in Halo Infinite have been grinding since the game’s launch, however, some are losing their drive, saying the ELO system isn’t rewarding properly.

Wins Give Too Few Points to Maintain One’s Rank

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer was released on November 15, much to the surprise of many fans, who expected the game would be released at a later date. While the full game with its campaign launched on December 8, players have already started climbing Infinite’s ranked ladder. However, after more than a month of fighting other Spartans in the arena, a lot of players have been losing their motivation for the ranked multiplayer, citing the “unfair” reward system as the problem.

Amongst those voicing their frustrations is Sean Finnegan, who expressed his opinion on Infinite’s poorly designed CSR (Competitive Skill Rank) system. In his post, he writes that out of 25 matches he’s gone 17-8, but got a 10 CSR points loss in his overall rating.

Another player going by the name of Bosco on Twitter shared their experience. They say they were Onyx (the highest rank in the game), but dropped out, despite having a 68% win on their last 100 games.              They explained this is because a player gets only one point per win, and that this phenomenon started happening only after they reached the Onyx rank.

How Will 343 Industries Address This and Other Issues?

Halo fans have been quite harshly critiquing Infinite’s many issues, and perhaps with good reason. The “unfair” ranked system isn’t the only hurdle in the way of those wanting to reach the top. Almost since its debut, the lobbies have been plagued by hackers, naturally leading to players demanding better anti-cheat measures. In defense of 343 Industries, they have been patching the game ever since its release, and have even recently implemented punishments for rage-quitters or intentional trolls.

Another point of discontent for many players was the “broken” challenge system. Many have criticized it for being “too difficult” requiring much grinding and a ton of RNG. To fix this 343 recently implemented playlist to allow players to choose a game mode to complete the daily challenges. The actual values of XP have also been changed. Before, each match gave just 50 XP, which meant players could have to go through as many as 20 matches in order to advance to the next level and unlock new customization features (assuming they do not complete challenges, which require a person to play different game modes, which one got assigned at random before these changes).

Halo Infinite may have had a bumpy start, but it seems 343 Industries’ promises of fixing the game have not been in vain. The ranked system needs some attention, but at least the company is listening to its player base. Changes, however, will take time, but players have good reason to hope 343 will deliver on all its promises.

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