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Published: April 25, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The HCS Kansas City 2022 starts next week on April 29
  • Viewers that tune in can receive some cosmetics for Halo Infinite
  • These include new Warthog skins as well as weapon charms

Halo developer 343 Industries is making an incentive campaign featuring drops for viewers tuning to Twitch for the Kansas City HCS Major next weekend.

Viewers Will Get Cosmetics Drops for Halo Infinite

We are in the midst of the competitive Halo season and the next Major is fast approaching. It will be hosted in Kansas City on April 29 where many international teams will compete for a part of the quarter-million-dollar prize pool. The event will also feature the winner of the Xbox Halo Infinite tournament, who will represent Version1 at the HCS Major.

To help spread the word, Halo’s developer 343 Industries announced a variety of Twitch drops that will be available throughout the weekend. There will be four rewards, a different one for each day or a different stream.

What Can Viewers Earn?

The first reward will be a vehicle coating that will be available to use on all models of the Warthog. It gives the vehicle a sleek black polish with gold trim and some crimson flair. One can even get an attachment for the front of the Warthog – a unique bumper and set of headlights. Viewers can grab this reward by watching the official Halo stream for a total of three hours.

If one tunes on to the grind finals on May 1 for one hour, they will get a new weapon charm called “Clean Sweep”. It’s somewhat similar to the Extermination medal in classic Halo titles. The old medal was awarded only to players who could kill the entire enemy team before any of the opponents respawn.

Many partnered co-streams will also broadcast the action next weekend, just like in previous HCS Major tournaments. These are yet to be announced, but if one tunes in one of them for two hours, they will receive a new HCS-inspired Backdrop for their Spartan profile.

Something along the same lines is going on with the HSC’s Grassroots program, collaborating with long-term community members for a variety of promotions and partnerships surrounding Halo. If one watches one of these streamers for an hour during the weekend, they will receive another Backdrop, this time being an encased trophy to emblazon behind your profile and banner.

If you wish to earn these drops, you have to connect your Twitch account to the Halo Waypoint site. Once you do this, you will be able to watch the HCS Kansas City here. Information about partnered streams will be posted on Twitter at a later date.

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