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Published: December 22, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Abios adds Halo Infinite as latest title the company collects data for owing to customer demand
  • Halo Infinite has a special place in the heart of company founder and CEO Oskar Fröberg who hopes to see the esports community around the game develop
  • Abios will use various data metrics to keep tabs on tournament and the Halo community and feed it back to interested partners

Abios has added Halo Infinite as the latest title to scoop up data for as the game continues to move towards a promising esports future.

Abios to Offer Data Coverage of Halo Infinite

Established esports data and technology company Abios is expanding its analytical coverage with a new video game, Halo Infinite. Abios will now collect and offer a detailed breakdown of stats and big data for the latest 343 Industries’ installment in the Halo franchise after the game made a strong claim to popularity with legendary players returning to try the latest chapter earlier this year.

As a result, Abios will scoop and collate data about tournaments and rosters all through 2022, as the Halo Infinite esports season gets underway, guiding coverage for media as well as esports betting agencies. The game was launched on December 8 amid a lot of support and endorsement by die-hard and new fans of the franchise.

Even though Halo has always been a comparatively small title when put next to Call of Duty, for example, the game has lived on with a robust player base. The latest installment is an attempt to broaden the game’s active players beyond Halo’s traditional bastion, though.

Abios seems to think this is already working, as the company has reported strong customer demand for Halo Infinite, prompting the company to work on a dedicated data feed for the title.

Halo Infinite’s Esports Community Is Beginning to Unfold

Commenting on this partnership, Abios founder and CEO Oskar Fröberg shared his own excitement to be adding this specific game:

“Having played Halo growing up when it first came out on Xbox, I am thrilled to have sufficient demand from our customers to motivate adding it to our coverage.”

Abios founder and CEO Oskar Fröberg

Fröberg Is hopeful that the Halo Infinite scene may continue to develop, bringing joy to the franchise’s fans and also serving as a gateway for new players to enter the competitive scene, all of this while Abios continues to ensure the accurate data collection of pivotal stats about the game.

The first Halo Infinite championship is already a fact, with the HCS Kickoff Major Raleigh wrapping up on Monday, with a prize pool of $350,000 and peaking at 267,000 viewers. Cloud9 managed to secure a win against Eunited in a fairly one-sided 4-1 series.

The entire 2022 Halo Championship Series season has an active prize pool of $3 million making it one of the biggest esports competitions out there, and a good start to the game’s competitive community.

In the meantime, teams such as XSET and OpTic have returned to Halo with brand new rosters to compete in Halo Infinite and HCS.

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