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Published: December 22, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Microsoft and 343 are looking to expand the number of organizations involved in HCS
  • Many teams have already been signed into the program
  • 343 is listening to the player base and is putting efforts into building an “ecosystem” surrounding Infinite

Halo Infinite’s esports scene will get bigger in 2022 as the game’s developers, 343 Industries, have decided to expand the HCS team partnership program next year.

343 Announces an Expansion

Halo Infinite’s bumpy start has not hindered its expansion into the field of esports. The franchise as a whole has been a staple of the esports sphere for two decades, with Halo 3 tournaments still being played today. Recently, 343 Industries and Microsoft have decided to expand the HCS Team Partnership program over the next few months. Organizations can apply to get directly involved with top-tier Halo Infinite esports, which are growing in popularity and coverage.

This decision was announced by Tahir “Tashi” Hasandjekic, the lead for Halo Esports at 343/Microsoft. He tweeted out that the exports team at 343 would like to expand the Team Partnership program for the Halo Championship Series between February and April next year.

More Organizations sign Infinite Rosters

Many organizations have already signed Halo Infinite rosters. Even some previously uninvolved in Halo, like Team Quadrant, have signed players. Even way before the release of the game, nine esports organizations already partnered with the HCS: Cloud9, Envy, eUnited, FaZe Clan, Fnatic, G2, Na’Vi, Sentinels, and Spacestation Gaming. All of these organizations, except for Fnatic, who haven’t yet fielded a roster, competed at the HCS Kickoff Major in Raleigh last weekend.

The teams who have signed are part of the “Halo esports ecosystem”. Their entitlement to sharing revenue from tournaments, priority access to filming content at events, and future perks are not yet outlined clearly.

The HCS team says it is looking for teams that “have a proven track record of supporting rosters in other games or even Halo.” Organizations with impressive social media and content strategies are south after. Discussing in the announcement’s responses, some organizations like Pioneers and 100 Thieves have been mentioned. Nadeshot and CouRage, who are two of 100T’s big names, have been praising the HCS Kickoff Major.

Halo Infinite has had a bumpy start, with many features being not polished enough, others completely missing. Players have been relentlessly criticizing 343 Industries, but the devs have responded to the community. Recently they have changed Infinite’s daily challenges, making them easier to complete, as requested by players. This has shown the company seriously wants to create a stable community surrounding its flagship game.

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