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Published: July 16, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Gen.G has teamed up with the Eastern Michigan University for more esports events this summer
  • A special tournament will feature competitions in both Rocket League and League of Legends
  • The team is a well-established proponent of competitive gaming on every level 

Gen.G is teaming up with the Eastern Michigan University as the organization continues to champion esports among communities and education. 

Esports Get another Boost by Gen.G and Eastern Michigan University 

Gen.G is expanding the reach of its college esports partnerships with the Eastern Michigan University as one of the premier esports outfits is teaming up for a summer project focusing on competitive video gaming. 

The partnership will usher in months of tournaments and special activations, as well as a summer camp focusing on esports. According to the official release, Gen.G is looking to bring students, alumni, and local community members together and raise the profile of competitive video gaming.

Gen.G has been strongly involved with the college esports ecosystem announcing a variety of initiatives targeted at expanding the popularity of video gaming on a collegiate level. As per the new event, the pair will be hosting a Summer Showdown Tournament and a Gaming Career Speaker Series, focusing on the important aspects of education in video gaming and esports.

While the focus is clearly on careers that have to do with paths outside of being a professional gamer per se, more attention is beginning to be paid to those who want to compete and become professional players.

Promoting Esports to Communities 

eFuse and CCL announced a collaboration featuring two summer tournaments to help aspiring Call of Duty players pursue future greatness and get spotted. As to the events hosted by Gen.G and EMU, they will focus on League of Legends and Rocket League.

Gen.G CEO Chris Park commented on the partnership, arguing that the organization was thrilled to be working with EMU. Meanwhile, EMU has been ramping up its attempts to maintain a healthy gaming culture on campus with the return of its Eagles Gaming Club. 

EMU President James Smith said that interest in esports among students continues to increase annually. “Having Gen.G, a recognized international leader in the esports world, as a partner is a tremendous asset to the University and our students,” Smith added. 

Earlier this year, Gen.G teamed up with the University of Kentucky to host a special invitational event on March 12. 

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