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Published: May 30, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • G2 are doing better now compared to their early mates in IEM Dallas
  • Stewie2K seems to have finally gotten the hang of being in G2’s roster
  • Liquid’s cadiaN said there may be some changes in the team following this

After defeating Liquid in a difficult 2-1 match, G2 advance to IEM Dallas’ playoffs stage, defying the abysmal early game they had.

Liquid Leaves IEM Dallas

Squads are continuing to qualify for the IEM Dallas’ playoffs stage and G2 Esports are one of the lucky ones. The organization shocked the Counter-Strike world by making the playoffs with a 2-1 reverse sweep over fan-favorites Liquid.

The former team has had quite a difficult journey in the tournament so far, as they have been playing without IGL HooXi who had to miss the event due to personal reasons. G2 brought aboard Jake “⁠Stewie2K⁠” Yip to fill up the five-man roster but it has not been an easy time for the player to adjust to the new squad. However, it seems that a few days of intense competition have helped him do so. “I feel like I’ve still kind of have a lot in my head remembered and stored, but it’s about getting reps and making better decisions and not hesitating,” Stewie2K said in a post-match interview.

Meanwhile, Liquid now has to leave the tournament. It’s a bad ending for the org who ended their season on a low after back-to-back playoff efforts in Chengdu and Malta. Liquid has suffered a 2-1 victory against 9z previously but managed to defeat the Falcons later. However, G2, who also eliminated MOUZ yesterday, also did the same to Liquid earlier today.

The Players Talk About the Match

While G2 are proceeding to the next stage of the IEM Dallas, some of its players did not seem highly convinced at first that they would be able to achieve this. “I was hesitating a lot in the first day, but after playing MOUZ and beating them I knew the stage was definitely a possibility. I came out with a different type of tenacity today—to be the only NA player on stage,” Stewie2K further commented about his team’s run so far in the tournament.

He further explained that interim captain NiKo was key to making the whole thing work. “It’s the NiKo show. As long as we make him comfortable we’re going to succeed, even with him in the IGL role,” Stewie2K praised the current in-game leader.

Meanwhile, Liquid’s captain cadiaN said his team was unable to use several opportunities during the match. “The feeling right now is we should have closed it out—we had a good situation but we didn’t capitalize,” he said. “Considering we had zero [ranking] points five months ago and how things looked then, I think it’s been a significant improvement.”

Some fans already started calling for changes following Liquid’s underperformance in recent weeks. According to cadiaN, the fans may get their wish. “I know some things and some things I don’t know. I’ll be wise about it all in the upcoming days,” he said on the team’s future. Ultimately, time will tell what will happen.

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