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Published: July 6, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • According to alleged leaks, NBA player LeBron James will receive his very own Fortnite skin
  • The information was uncovered by notable Fortnite data miners HYPEX and ShiinaBR
  • LeBron’s skin seems highly likely because his son is an avid gamer and because Fornite has already represented NBA before

According to two reliable Fortnite data miners, NBA star LeBron James will be getting his very own skin in Epic’s game.

LeBron James Joins Fortnite as an Icon Series Skin

Leaks have uncovered some exciting news for people who like both competitive gaming and professional basketball – apparently, National Basketball Association’s famous player LeBron James will be coming to the game as a skin. The skin is supposed to be a part of Fortnite’s ICON Series skins

The information was reported independently by two respectable Fortnite data miners – HYPEX and ShiinaBR. According to what they have uncovered, the skin will be accompanied by a whole set of quests that provide special rewards and items. According to HYPEX, the quest will have players’ items “become more gold” over time, and a “goldness slider” will be unlocked once all of them are completed. 

Fortnite’s ICON series has partnered with all kinds of celebrities. Here are the ones that have been released until now:

  • Ninja – a globally popular Fortnite player
  • Loserfruit – an avid streamer
  • Marshmello – an American DJ
  • Travis Scott – an American musician
  • Astro Jack – a fictional character based on Travis Scott’s songs
  • TheGrefg – a Spanish youtuber
  • Lachlan – an Australian youtuber
  • LazarBeam – an Austalian youtuber
  • Major Lazer – Jamaican-American musician trio

Fortnite has previously done NBA-inspired collaborations in the form of outfits, representing all 30 NBA teams. People who love both Fortnite and basketball have previously done custom-made LeBron customization presets using those very outfits. 

However, LeBron’s fans will need to improvise no more. 

LeBron’s Relationship With Media and Gaming

The NBA professional is known for his four champion titles and seventeen all-star ones. He is also no stranger to endeavors outside of competitive basketball – for example, he will be starring in the new Space Jam movie called A New Legacy. People have suggested that the skin will serve as a way to advertise Space Jam. Some even suspect that the skin will have a sub-variant of LeBron in a Tune Squad outfit. 

Bronny James, son of the NBA champion, is both a promising player for the National Collegiate Athletic Association and an avid gamer who has ties with the famous esports organization FaZe Clan. He is working with professional gamers under the alias FaZe Bronny

With all of the above in mind, it isn’t far-fetched to believe the data miners’ claims. In any case, if the skin is indeed coming to the popular battle royale shooter, it will be announced in the near future. 

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