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Published: May 11, 2021

Written by: Edward Pearcey

  • The latest round of testimonies in the Epic v Apple case has revealed that Fortnite’s potential on console has been fully realized
  • The remaining growth vertical for Epic Games, in the words of the company’s marketing director, is mobile 
  • Epic Games has lost around 10% of its active daily players coming from iOS because of Apple’s removal from its store 

Fortnite has been able to reach its full potential on console devices, according to Epic Games’ marketing director Matthew Weissinger. Mobile is where the untapped potential is.

Consoles Are a Done Deal for Fortnite – Mobile Is Next 

Epic Games has reported that its flagship game, Fortnite, has reached its full potential on console as per statements delivered by the company’s marketing director Matthew Weissinger at the Epic vs. Apple antitrust trial.

Weissinger was taking a question from attorneys who asked if Fortnite is still looking to reach its full potential at any of the available platforms, to which Weissinger simply responded: “mobile.” 

He explained that the game had reached “full penetration” on console, and it was unlikely for Fortnite to become any more popular on consoles than it is now. However, mobile, on the other hand, provided the company with its biggest growth opportunity to date, Weissinger elaborated.

The economics behind mobile as a high-value platform is simple, he added, explaining that console and PC ownership was rarer than mobile ownership. He was asked to contextualize the iOS player base and provide information on how many people were playing from iOS.

Mobile Is the Next Frontier for Fortnite

Weissinger explained that there were around 2.5 million daily active users or around 10% of the 30 million active users daily. He volunteered that 2.86 billion hours were played on iOS devices from 2018 through August 2020 when the app was removed from the Apple Store, launching the present lawsuit. 

Weissinger confirmed that the removal had harmed Epic Games in many ways, including the complete annihilation of the iOS population and player base which was playing prior to the removal. He further explained that iPhones were more convenient than PCs and consoles, especially at specific times of the day, making it a preferred gaming device to some users.

He stressed that because of the abrupt disappearance of the app, social connections between players had been disrupted. As a reminder, the game was pulled off the Apple Store following an attempt by Epic Games to circumnavigate the 30% fee Apple charges all publishers on its store.

The development prompted Epic Games to seek its rights in court as it has been now since the antitrust trial launched last Monday. 

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