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Published: January 5, 2022

Written by: David Kent

  • Saf claims the TrainHard still owes him a lot of money
  • He goes into details about the deal on social media
  • Other former TrainHard players seem to be affected as well

A veteran Fortnite player says the now-defunct esports organization TrainHard Esport still hasn’t paid him the large sum of money it owns him.

Saf Claims TranHard Owe Him $70K

Even in the world of esports there are still problems when it comes to money. One player who has such problems is Rocco “Saf” Morales, a veteran from Fortnite, who claims the now non-operational TrainHard Esport owes him $70K.

Saf is one of the most recognizable players in the community. During Fortnite’s almost five-year-long history, Saf has distinguished himself with many feats. These include winning the Chapter 2 Season 2 Fortnite Champion Series, as well as coming in at fourth place in the inaugural Fortnite World Cup. Over the years, the 19-year-old pro has played in organizations like Ghost Gaming and TSM.

Most recently, the young professional was part of the French-based TrainHard Esport between March and June 2021. Unfortunately for him, the organization had to shut down in the middle of the year over “financial constraints.” However, Saf now claims he has unsettled business with TrainHard, and says the organization still owns him $70 000.

Details of the Deal

Saf has been a free agent ever since TrainHard closed last year. He recently issued an official statement on Twitter, along with a TwitLonger, claiming the unoperational organization still owns him a large sum of money.

“LONG OVERDUE STATEMENT,” he starts with before explaining he wants to put forward his experience in TrainHard. He elaborated, saying that about eight months ago he signed a $10 000 5% deal with the organization. According to him, TrainHard still owes him $70 000.

TrainH owes me almost $70,000 and I have yet to receive a single payment. Managers lied to him, stating things like “the money is on its way” or “sure, it will take longer because of the holiday,” writes Saf in his TwitLonger.

He adds that at the time he was naïve and believed what former staff was telling him. He says that after some time TrainHard simply initiated radio silence and just cut all contact with him. “No CEO or higher up has said anything to me since the event,” he writes, finishing by saying that he does not know what exactly to do except put the information out publicly and wait for a response.

It seems Saf is not the only affected, as former TrainHard member Matsoe also had a similar experience.

Nothing has been heard from TrainHard, and Saf has stated he will be taking legal action for breach of contract.

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