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Published: March 15, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • An angry tweet by player Wrigley get his entire Fortnite team disqualified from FNCS
  • Wrigley resentfully told Donald Mustard, CEO of Epic Games, to off himself
  • Fans agree with the decision to ban Wrigley but consider the disqualification of his teammates to be unjust

As the Fortnite Championship Series S5, Chapter 2 progresses, one player’s angry tweet got his entire team in serious trouble. 

Wrigley’s Lack of Composure Gets Team Disqualified

On March 13, angry North American player Wrigley made a spiteful tweet where he suggested Donald Mustard, the CEO of Epic Games, kill himself. Little did Wrigley expect that this tweet would not only get him disqualified from the Fortnite Championship Series Season 5 Chapter 2 but will drag his entire team downhill. 

Soon after the tweet, the team got a message from the tournament admin. It stated that due to their violation of rule 8.1.2. which states that players must act in a respectful manner, the whole team is disqualified from the tournament. 

Such drama tends to happen from time to time. Competitive gaming can sometimes overstrain some people beyond their limit. However, usually, it’s just the perpetrator who gets punished.

Now that Wrigley’s two innocent teammates have been disqualified because of his terrible behavior, fans of the game are wary of this as an injustice. In most circumstances, when a player gets banned, the team is allowed to continue if they manage to find a substitute. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case right now. 

Moreover, as the two teammates are young people to whom the shot at the NA prize pool of $690,000 means a lot, their disqualification seems like a harsh measure for something they didn’t say themselves. 

UserZ, one of Wrigley’s teammates, tweeted that he feels like all his hard work has been for nothing. The other teammate dictating said he feels disappointed with the turn of events. The North American mentioned will now have to fast to compensate for the money he’s lost. Regardless if dictating is dramatizing or not, it is for sure that the two players aren’t content with the higher-ups’ decision to disqualify them.

Wrigley’s ban was more than deserved for trying to “bite the hand that feeds him,” as some fans called it. However, it is unfortunate that a single player’s bad demeanor deprived a whole team of their chance to prove themselves on the esports field. 

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