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Published: May 31, 2021

Written by: Hannah

  • Fortnite’s Championship Series grand finals on the weekend experienced several technical issues
  • Epic Games has kept quiet about the problems, but community members took to Twitter to express their frustration
  • Fortnite has been struggling with lag and various server issue on a competitive level since 2019 in the very least

Fortnite’s competitive scene continues to be plagued by a bizarre and unexpected issue – lack of server stability at deciding events. This weekend’s Fortnite Championship series were affected as well.

FCS Servers Struggle During Finals 

After Epic Games admitted that its original projections for esports Fortnite were below target, the company is now facing criticism from its community after the Fortnite Championship Series grand finals were plagued by technical issues that kept disrupting the experience, prompting players to vituperate against the organization and game online.

Held on the weekend of May 30, the finals proved a fiasco to some as players continually reported server issues, suffered lag, and struggled to maintain a good flow of play. Epic Games has not responded to the numerous requests for explanation from miffed community members, but the company would do well to heed the community’s call. 

The epithets piled on as the issues kept throwing a new spanner in the works as the event progressed. Fortnite Championship Series servers continue to be unable to support good, steady connections no matter what, and this has been ongoing for a while now. 

When you think about the issue, it truly strikes you as bizarre. After all, Fortnite is able to gather hundreds of players in games across its public games with barely a lag issue, but add esports events in the mix, and you will be struggling with anything from latency to random disconnects to the server just blinking out. 

Calls for Fixing the Issue Intensify

And, while you may think that this is a temporary issue and one that will find a resolution, it’s important to remind you that the problem has been ongoing for two years now. There have been working theories by the community, with some arguing that the lag is caused by the influx of players who watch and participate around the time competitions take place.

Others have argued that the problem could be linked to the additional streaming and broadcasting tools used, but ultimately, none of these suggestions has done the community any good. The issue started with the Fortnite World Cup in 2019, and while the community was still HYPED because of the multi-million prize pool, no amount of money-on-the-line can make for poor execution on a technical level.

Sure enough, a Twitter pillorying followed soon after the first issues cropped up. While you may argue that Epic Games are doing their best, and even point out the fact that similar games, including Call of Duty Warzone and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, are plagued by cheaters, they manage to post impeccable competitive experience.  

Fortnite’s official Twitter channels have remained fairly oblivious of the issue and congratulated players on their placements instead. 

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