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Published: June 14, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Rumors say the organization is after paiN’s CS:GO players
  • They might be benching some of their own players to make way for the potential newcomers
  • PKL, zevy, and hardzao might have a new home if paiN agrees to the transfer

Following a lackluster first half of 2023, Brazilian organization Fluxo might be looking to revamp its roster with the acquisition of fellow compatriot paiN’s best players.

Fluxo Might Want PaiN’s Players

As the break in competitive Counter-Strike is upon us, organizations are looking to make the changes they feel are necessary. Brazilian esports organization Fluco is one of them, and it looks like they will want to make a large roster reshuffle, following the lackluster performance they have shown so far in 2023.

According to GameArena, Fluco is eying up the players of fellow Brazilian CS:GO organization paiN Gaming, specifically Vinicios “?PKL?” Coelho, Romeu “?zevy?” Rocco, and Wesley “?hardzao?” Lopes. That being said, the original report emphasizes the fact that nothing has yet been decided as much of it depends on paiN’s decisions regarding their own lineup. The report also states that Fluxo wants to retain at least two of its current players – Lucas “?Lucaozy?” Neves and Vinicius “?vsm?” Moreira. 

Considering Fluxo didn‘t perform well in the first half of 2023, it should not be surprising that they want to revamp their roster. The team won the CCT South America Series 4 in January but struggling to get much done beyond that. Fluxo also failed to qualify for IEM Rio or BLAST’s Spring Showdown, and it also dropped out of the BLAST Premier Paris Major with a pitiful 0-3 record. All of this resulted in the team dropping to No. 45 in the world rankings.

Not long after Fluxo’s early exit from the BLAST Paris Major, the roster reshuffling started. Interestingly, 19-year-old AWPer Allan “?history?” Lawrenz was moved to the bench at his own request. Now it seems that the team’s two remaining bottom performers, WOOD7 and felps, may be on the way out. If this happens, Fluxo would have enough free slots to fill them with the paiN trio they are allegedly after. 

If the deal happens, Fluxo would have in their position some good players, as paiN have performed much well than their compatriots. The team made it to the playoffs of the ESL Pro League, besting Liquid and OG along the way, and only narrowly missed out on the Legends Stage at the BLAST Paris Major. Despite that, paiN hit a new personal record by reaching No.13 in the world rankings.

If the rumors are true, when Counters-Strike 2 releases later this summer, we might see Fluxo sporting the following team for the new round of competitive gaming:

  • Vinicius “?vsm?” Moreira
  • Lucas “?Lucaozy?” Neves
  • Vinicios “?PKL?” Coelho
  • Romeu “?zevy?” Rocco
  • Wesley “?hardzao?” Lopes

Wilton “?zews?” Prado (coach)

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