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Published: May 15, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The team dominated 9INE on Inferno and Anubis 
  • 9INE left Inferno in the map pool, which FaZe quickly exploited
  • A lackluster start by 9INE on Anubis sealed both team’s gates

FaZe keep their dreams of winning the BLAST Premier Paris Major by staying alive in the 1:2 pool after eliminating 9INE from the tournament.

FaZe Defeat 9INE

9INE exited the last-ever CS:GO Major after being dominated on two maps by FaZe yesterday. However, FaZe will have to win two more matches if they want to secure a coveted spot in the Accor Arena, where the tournament’s Champions stage will be held. 

FaZe’s Russel “?Twistzz?” Van Dulken commented on the mixed team’s success against the Polish one after the match was finished, explaining what the squad plans in order to bounce back after their struggle at the beginning of the tournament. “I think every team in the 0-2 pool had a long team talk in their rooms after the first day, to discuss how we want to play and try to take it from there,” he said. “Biggest thing was to not play scared, and we did that.”

9INE, however, will not be able to implement a similar plan, as this is the end of the road for their Major march. The Polish team came into the tournament as an unknown but in-form team. Despite not being able to make it to the last stage of the BLAST Paris Major, the team will no doubt be proud of once again promoting Polish Counter-Strike on the world stage.

Here’s How the Match Went

The match itself was somewhat one-sided, starting with 9INE’s curious decision to keep their perma-ban Inferno in the veto instead of Ancient. The Poles have had a 7% win rate and 14 consecutive losses in the past three months on Inferno and were perhaps hoping that this would change in the match against FaZe.

Needless to say, FaZe jumped at the opportunity, picking Inferno as the first play of the match. While the Poles did some solid plays on the map, their lack of experience on Inferno showed and ultimately cost them dearly. A strong defense on the CT side from FaZe was what ultimately secured them a 16-10 victory on the map.

Unfortunately for 9INE, they did not fare better on the next map, Annubis, starting it even worse by claiming just two rounds during the first half, for a score of 2-13 by the time the sides switched. The Poles made one last big push in the second half, claiming a whopping six rounds before FaZe, who had underestimated 9INE, managed to respond. However, the difference of the first half showed and 9INE was simply unable to muster enough strength to overturn FaZe’s advantage.

A final clutch from Robin “?ropz?” Kool sealed both teams’ fate as FaZe continue onwards while 9INE leaves the final BLAST Premier Major being played on CS:GO.

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