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Published: May 21, 2021

Written by: Edward Pearcey

  • Fantasyexpo continues to grow its expertise in local and global tournament marketing through a brand-new partnership with PGL
  • The company will help with brand awareness and be in charge of potential sponsorships for the event
  • Fantasyexpo’s years of contributing to the esports ecosystem continue the company’s accelerated growth 

PGL has tapped Fantasyexpo as the company’s official marketing partner for the upcoming PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

Fantasyexpo Expands Clout with PGL Major Partnership

Fantasyexpo will bring its marketing expertise in the esports ecosystem to the fore once again as the company joins PGL as an official business partner in a bid to assist the company with promoting the PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

A well-seasoned veteran in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitive scene, Fantasyexpo will provide guidance and assistance in setting up the marketing side of the event and boosting popularity.  

The event is one of the most important on the competitive CS: GO circuit, featuring 24 teams and pulling in a massive prize purse worth $2 million.  Hosted from October through November 2021, Fantasyexpo will assist PGL in various capacities.

Fantasyexpo co-founder Krzysztof Stypulkowski welcomed the latest partnership arguing that it was a recognition of the company’s efforts over the years to contribute to the esports scene:

“We have known each other with PGL for a long time, so we are very pleased that we can take our partnership to the next level. As their business partner, we will try to ensure that the cooperation will result in the acquisition of the most attractive partners.”

The company will be at the helm of servicing and acquiring clients, helping PGL benefit from the flagship tournament it’s hosting while Fantasyexpo operates as an exclusive organizer in establishing relationships with potential sponsors.

Fantasyexpo hails from a country that has a deeply-rooted tradition with esports and the agency itself has already launched numerous successful activations, including with brands such as Old Spice and KFC.

Presently, Fantasyexpo supports a number of regional and international tournaments with the company securing rights and getting involved with more prominent events that have an impact on the entire CS:GO ecosystem.

Fantasyexpo’s own contributions to many of the main competitive legs in CS:GO have to do with creative solutions and advisory services that create unique branded content, leading to better engagement and eliciting stronger emotions from audiences.

Driving Value for Businesses, Brands, and Spectators

Fantasyexpo is equally prepared to create value for businesses as well as consumers who look forward to watching professional Counter-Strike. For its latest projects, Fantasyexpo is tapping into the ADditional Major Show, an advertisement medium inspired by the Super Bowl halftime show and an interesting new way to intelligently promote content to esports consumers.

Through this solution and more, Fantasyexpo is capable of driving value and brand exposure for its partners. Securing Fantasyexpo’s services comes at an important time for PGL as per the words of the company’s chief executive, Silviu Stroie:

“PGL MAJOR STOCKHOLM 2021 is going to be the biggest CS:GO event ever, and we must deliver an incredible show for the viewers and the clients. We decided to partner with Fantasyexpo, an agency that we trust with a solid history in esports, to materialize our ideas and activations. We cannot wait to show the world what we have prepared for this fantastic event.”

With the esports ecosystem growing to feature hundreds of millions of viewers, choosing a tailored approach to appeal to esports enthusiasts and bring value for hosts and brands is increasingly important and Fantasyexpo is capable of raising to the occasion with every event it helps promote.

Earlier this year, Fantasyexpo launched an official qualifier event for the BLAST Premier, another feather in the Polish agency’s cap.

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