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Published: October 25, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • Summit1g recently featured a Dr Disrespect video during his stream
  • Some of his fans were concerned this might get Summit1g banned from Twitch
  • This is because of the platform’s notorious dislike for the Doc

Summit1g fans feared he might get banned for featuring a Dr Disrespect video but the streamer dismissed those claims.

Showing the Doc On-Screen

Amid concerns from his fans, Twitch content creator Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar joked about getting banned from the platform as he streamed watching videos of Dr Disrespect. Summit1g added he doesn’t really think Twitch will ban him over this though.

This happened yesterday during a stream on Twitch. Early in the stream, Summit1g reacted to a Dr Disrespect video on Twitch’s rival YouTube. Fans in the comments quickly raised their voices, believing that this might get Summit1g banned. Some were likely joking about it but others were probably kind of concerned for real.

Summit1g definitely wasn’t among the latter, though. He responded to truly concerned viewers by mentioning that watching a YouTube video isn’t prohibited on Twitch, (as long as it doesn’t break the community guidelines at least). Summit1g added that this isn’t the first time he’s streamed a banned user’s content.

“I watch banned streamers all the time, I watched f***ing… I watched a video with, what’s that guy’s name, the guy who faked using a wheelchair,” Summit1g pointed out.

The happening in question is Angel “ZilianOP” Hamilton who violated the platform’s terms of service by pretending to be disabled. In his streams, ZilianOP would use a wheelchair and claim he is paralyzed in order to attract more donations from his community. According to some reports, he had even hat set goals of “buying himself a new wheelchair” and “visiting rehabilitation.” Regardless of if the latter is true or not, ZilianOP raked thousands of dollars in donations before getting banned.

Summit1g Doubts He Will Get Punished

Back on Summit1g, he definitely isn’t concerned about getting banned for streaming Dr Disrespect.

 “Alright boys, well hey, looks like our time here is over. We’re going to be banned for three days. I’m kidding. I’m kidding,” the streamer jested.

Twitch has been wary of Dr Disrespect since banning him and has even been on the verge of penalizing Timothy ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar if he plays with the Doc, even off-stream. This definitely didn’t improve the platform’s relations with the former streamer, which likely facilitated his decision to migrate to YouTube

Interestingly enough, despite the Doc’s ban being so much talked about, fans still don’t actually know what led to his ban. Regardless, Summit1g doesn’t believe featuring his content is such a serious matter as to get him penalized.

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