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Published: November 4, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Facebook Gaming has proposed an exciting offer to content creators
  • It envisions providing streamers with 100% of the subscription revenues plus $20 bonus for each subscription
  • The offer will be invite-only and will be limited to the remainder of 2021

Facebook Gaming seeks to expand on the streaming market by tempting streamers with an exciting and highly lucrative offer.

Facebook Gaming’s Ludicrous Offer

The global streaming giant Twitch might have another fearsome competitor. Not too long after YouTube decided to tempt streamers with great deals, Facebook Gaming has adopted a similar strategy.

Facebook is the most famous social media platform but when it comes to gaming, it still isn’t quite on par with Twitch yet. Facebook is looking to change that and has proposed a limited-time deal to streamers. Yesterday it explained that it has decided to give content creators 100% of the revenues from subscriptions paid through Facebook Pay. Not only that, but Facebook will actually tip content creators for each subscriber they get. This extra payment will vary between $5 and $20.

This is by all means a crazy offer, considering that streaming sites always take a 50% cut from the subscription proceeds. The deal is especially lucrative to newcomers to the streaming business as they can use this extra revenue to improve the quality of their streams by hiring artists for channel content, getting better tech and upping their marketing game.

The Offer Will Have Some Limitations

Obviously, it is not long-term sustainable for Facebook to keep giving streamers the full price of the subscription, which is why there are some limitations. First of all, this offer is in power only for the remainder of the year. Second, there is a maximum payment cap of $10,000. Lastly, this is an invite-only program.

There seems to be a little problem as streamers will take 100% of the revenue only if it has made through Facebook Pay on PC. Mobile devices will still take a cut, meaning that content creators will lose between 15 to 30% of each subscription made through mobile.

Facebook, however, remains committed to its program and helping jumpstart streamers’ business and has decided to establish a workaround solution. The social media giant has launched a special portal that lets mobile users pay directly for subscriptions without a cut getting taken. All streamers have to do is include the link to the aforementioned portal in their streams so mobile users know where to go.

The invite-only program will be available across all of the 27 markets where Facebook Gaming has the subscription feature turned on. It is exciting to see how this offer will affect Facebook Gaming’s growth.

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