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Published: May 19, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Twitch has introduced an experimental feature called “chant.”
  • It will let streamers provide viewers with a preset message they can instantly send and join a mass chanting
  • The feature will be up for an unspecified limited time

Twitch continues to spice its platform with new features, this time testing a “chant” feature that lets viewers spam a preset message in unison.

Showing Support with a Spam Message Easier Than Ever

Gaming streaming platform Twitch is constantly looking to provide its fans with the best quality of life features. This time the global phenomenon will be testing a brand new feature called “chant.” The announcement came earlier on Twitch Support’s official Twitter page. 

The chant feature will make the well-known supportive spam easier to use than ever. It will work the following way: content creators or their chat moderators can set a message for chanting by typing the /chant command. The message will appear privately to viewers as a time-limited suggestion that lets them copy and paste the message with a single click on the “chant” button. This way, fans will be able to easily show their support by chanting in unison. 

The chant will be available for a limited time, although its deadline hasn’t been set in stone. Twitch also didn’t announce how many or which channels will be receiving the novel feature. 

Chanting: A Welcome Addition to the Twitch Ecosystem

Spamming messages and emojis have long been part and parcel of the Twitch ecosystem. A feature such as chanting will probably work well as it will give content creators’ audiences an easy way to engage and to feel a stronger sense of being a part of a community. 

Twitch has not been a stranger to trying out new chat fluff that motivates viewers to become an active part of the streaming process. Bits, channel points, and special subscriber emojis are a few such that have been introduced with a fair degree of success. The hype trains that were introduced in January 2020 rewarded fan engagement and donations with special limited-time emojis. 

For the current test, Twitch established a forum where all kinds of Twitch users, viewers, and streamers alike will be able to comment on their experience with chanting and provide comments and suggestions. 

Twitch is the undisputed leader on the global streaming market and, as such, is in a constant struggle to provide its various fans with the best experience possible. In order to do that, the platform recently announced the Local Sub Prices that will help regions with a lower standard of life by making subscriptions cheaper for them. 

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