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Published: December 22, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Richard “TheHadou” Thiher is joining the Evolution Championship Series as a general manager
  • He while he will work for Evo, the event organizing veteran will retain his position in Combo Breaker
  • As a part of Evo, TheHadou will work to innovate the competitive space without taking away its flair

The experienced FGC event organizer TheHadou has joined the Evolution Championship Series as its general manager.

TheHadou Becomes Evo’s General Manager

The famous and experienced tournament organizer Richard “TheHadou” Thiher has joined the fighting game-oriented esports event organizer Evolution Championship Series. TheHadou will join as Evo’s general manager and will help run various fighting game tournaments and elevate their quality.

Prior to joining Evo, TheHadou has worked as the organizer of another fighting game event, the so-called Combo Breaker. He has a total of 13 years as an organizer and has also served as a product manager for Twitch, helping to host the Twitch Rivals and Twitch Presents events. Through his vast experience as an organizer, he will guide Evo by providing valuable insights on how to direct its events. TheHadou will simultaneously remain as Combo Breaker’s event director.

The man himself spoke on the matter, revealing that he is glad to join Evo’s team and is looking forward to making events that correspond to the fighting game community’s idyllic vision.

“The fighting game genre has attracted new fans across generations. We want to continue celebrating that legacy through Evo by introducing our community to undiscovered audiences for generations to come,” TheHadou said.

TheHadou to Carefully Innovate Fighting Game Esports

The new acquisition is a part of Sony and RTS’s strategy of growing Evo as an event. The two companies acquired the event series this spring and have tried to appease fans by maintaining what makes Evo special and expanding it at the same time. Acquiring an experienced community figurehead such as TheHadou is a strategic move for the future of Evo.

Tom and Tony Cannon, the co-founders of Evo, also remain on board and will work alongside TheHadou to push the fighting game esports space forward.

Stuart Saw, the chief executive officer of RTS said that TheHadou “brings an exciting vision to Evo. Saw trusts that the new appointee understands the importance of community in this community-driven event and will strike a balance between heeding fans’ demands and innovating the space.

Evo plans to return as a live event in 2022, should the pandemic allow it. The event is planned to take place in Las Vegas, starting on August 5.

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