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Published: January 27, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Covid-19 concerns cause Bandai Namco to postpone the World Finals
  • The company plans to have the event later this year
  • Fans will get Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2022 in its place instead

Bandai Namco has postponed the much-anticipated Dragon Ball FighterZ World Championship Finals due to Covid-19 concerns. It should be back sometime later this year.

Bandai Postpones the DBZ FighterZ World Championship Finals

The past two years have been difficult for everyone and even negatively impacted esports events. Just recently, yet another major tournament was hit by Covid-19 concerns, as Valve canceled the Dota Pro Circuit’s Winter Tour. The western hemisphere is not the only one buckling beneath restrictions. Recently Bandai Namco decided to indefinitely postpone the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Championship Finals.

The event was originally supposed to be held between February 19 and February 20. The Bandai Namco team made a post updating the community about this decision, stating “consideration of everyone’s safety under the COVID-19 pandemic”. The team will continue to monitor the world health situation for a potential opportunity for new dates.

Can Fans Expect Anything Else?

When it comes to event cancellation, organizers have often made some kind of secondary event, often online, to give at least something to the audiences. Since the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Championship Finals have not been officially canceled, only postponed, Bandai Namco does not plan on making something to fill up the void. However, the upcoming Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2022 will feature some kind of online event.

DBFZ producer Tomoko Hiroki said that he is very disappointed he has to announce the Finals’ postponing. “However, we are now planning to host a special event for the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2022,” he added, “that will hopefully deliver a different kind of fun from the regular tournaments.”

The Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2022 will be hosted next month on February 18 and 19, overlapping with the original dates that the Finals should have been played on. The event will feature segments for content across the over two-decades-long Dragon Ball franchise, including anime, games, manga, and collectibles.

It is still unknown what exactly the livestream will show. However, it is expected the event will feature smaller tournaments for DBFZ to be featured. Another thing fans might expect is to learn more about Android 21 (Lab Coat), who is the next fighter to be added to the game later this year.

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