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Published: October 11, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • Dr Disrespect isn’t impressed with Amazon’s new game New World
  • The streamer said that he doesn’t happen to be interested in the role-playing element of such games
  • He doesn’t have any intentions of dedicating his time to New World for now

Dr Disrespect isn’t thrilled by the idea of playing New World as, in his words, he barely can stand even watching footage of the game.

Dr Disrespect Finds it Hard to Get Invested in a Role-Playing Game

Dr Disrespect isn’t buying the hype around Amazon’s new MMORPG New World. According to his own word in a YouTube video, he doesn’t have the intention to play it for even five seconds, despite fans constantly asking him to do so.

This comes in a moment where Dr Disrespect doesn’t have a streaming focus. Because of the severe issues with cheaters in Warzone, the Doc has been exploring numerous other titles. However he still mostly sticks with shooters, such as Battlefield, Halo and Apex Legends.

According to the streamer, he doesn’t quite get the appeal in MMORPGs. He explained that even watching footage from such games is difficult for him, let alone playing himself. Dr Disrespect explained that he doesn’t find the whole RPG aspect that appealing and cannot imagine himself chopping trees in a game or grinding mobs to level up.

“I don’t know. It’s hard for me to get invested and that means I have no drive to want to play it,” Dr Disrespect said.

Even though the Doc made it very clear he doesn’t like New World and currently doesn’t have intentions of giving it a try, his opinion on it seemed much less harsh than it was for World of Warcraft classic. Back when people were giving the Blizzard rehash a go, Dr Disrespect announced he is never doing it.

“Everybody thinks it’s cool we’re living back in 2001. That ain’t the case, not on my channel. Not now, or ever,” he concluded.

New World Remains a Controversial Title

One should also consider that New World is a game developed by Amazon – the same company behind Twitch. As it’s no secret that Dr Disrespect isn’t exactly on good terms with the streaming platform, it isn’t far-fetched to conclude this may play a part in his decision to forgo trying out the game.

New World has received mixed responses. Even the MMORPG-focused Asmongold didn’t find it that special and thought it’s somewhat boring. Other people couldn’t care less whether the game had a nice gameplay loop or not and were more concerned with the long waiting queues and the fact that the game is said to be destroying people’s graphics cards

New World is definitely flawed but most people are happy even with that as it’s a breath of fresh air in the stale MMORPG world. The game has an intriguing premise, nice-looking graphics and a classical MMORPG feel. It is an undoubted success and reaches about 700,000 players in prime hours. It isn’t the top gun of the MMORPG sector yet but has definitely cemented itself as one of the trending titles.

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