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Published: March 11, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Dr Disrespect has made a groundbreaking announcement, revealing that he has solved his dispute with Twitch
  • The streamer was banned from the purple platform a year and a half ago, losing tons of money in the process
  • To this day, fans remain clueless about the cause for the mysterious ban

Dr Disrespect has officially announced that he has resolved his dispute with Twitch and is no longer at odds with the platform. Despite that, he will continue streaming on YouTube.

Dr Disrespect Was Banned Unjustly

The controversial streamer Dr Disrespect has been no stranger to drama, especially when Twitch is concerned. However, his popular dispute with the purple platform seems to be resolved, according to the man himself.

The whole situation began a year and a half ago when the streamer was banned from Twitch. Left with no choice, Dr Disrespect became one of the first to switch to YouTube Gaming. At the time, YouTube Gaming wasn’t as prominent as it is now and the change cost the Doc tons of money.

Dr Disrespect was not amused with Twitch’s decision. He was disgruntled that the platform’s higher-ups did not even contact him about it, nor did they inform him about the reason behind it. Eventually, the Doc learned what the cause of his mysterious ban was, leading him to launch a lawsuit against Twitch.

While the community was quite interested to see how this will play out, it seems that the situation has been resolved.

The Doc Resolved the Dispute

On March 10, Dr Disrespect posted on his official Twitter that his dispute with Twitch is no more. He shared a picture with his signature under the following text:

“I have resolved my legal dispute with Twitch. No party admits to any wrongdoings.”

Sadly for the community analysts, the Doc didn’t reveal much and didn’t spell out what the reason for his ban was. Despite that, he confirmed one thing for certain – he will not be returning to Twitch and will remain in his new YouTube Gaming comfort zone.

Unfortunately, fans never got to learn what the cause of Dr Disrespect’s dispute with Twitch was. Nevertheless, it is good to hear that the conflict has now been resolved and the Doc will be able to return to making content without having all of these concerns in the back of his mind.

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