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Published: January 8, 2022

Written by: David Kent

  • Dr Disrespect spoke about the former Microsoft-owned streaming platform, Mixer
  • He revealed that he received a deal to stream there and was almost persuaded but eventually refused
  • The Doc then said that if he had accepted, Mixer would have still been around

Dr Disrespect boldly stated that if he had gone to stream on Mixer, the Microsoft-owned platform wouldn’t have failed.

Dr Disrespect Speaks About Mixer

The controversial video game streamer Dr Disrespect gave his two cents on the matter of Mixer – a Microsoft-owned streaming platform that once rivaled Twitch but eventually closed its doors.

Mixer had everything set up for success. Shortly before its demise, the platform had signed deals with two of the most influential streamers in gaming as a whole – shroud and Ninja. Seemingly, Mixer had enough money to sway those influential gamers from Twitch. Yet even this didn’t help the platform maintain its standings and it eventually fell into oblivion, with shroud and Ninja returning to Twitch.

Dr Disrespect said that Mixer’s downfall was sort of surprising, especially given the context of shroud and Ninja being there. Still, the Doc had a statement to make – according to him, if he had gone to the Microsoft-owned platform along with his fanbase, Mixer would have still been around.

The Doc Claims That His Community Could Have Saved the Platform

During a YouTube stream on December 5, The Doc revealed that when Mixer was still a thing, he was offered to move to stream exclusively there. Dr Disrespect confirmed that he was one step away from agreeing and Mixer almost got him but in the end, “it wasn’t enough.”

The controversial streamer then made the bold statement that if he had accepted Mixer’s platform, it wouldn’t have failed.

“I’m gonna go and make a statement: If we went over to Mixer, champs; I’m talking to you, Champions Club and the two-time, Mixer would still be around,” The Doc claimed.

It is interesting to know that Mixer had approached the content creator. Sadly, we don’t know what exactly the Microsoft-owned platform had proposed but it was probably a tempting deal if The Doc says that he had almost agreed.

Dr Disrespect is quite a controversial figure in gaming, mainly because of his mysterious Twitch ban. As Twitch is usually quite vague about its bans, it took a while for The Doc to figure out why he was banned. The content creator still hasn’t revealed the real reason for his ban as he plans to use this as one of his aces in the sleeve during the lawsuit he has prepared to lead against Twitch.

The Doc is currently streaming on YouTube Gaming – Twitch’s new rival. For now, YouTube Gaming seems to be faring better than Mixer. The alternative managed to attract many popular streamers who were not content with Twitch’s state of affairs.

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