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Published: December 21, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • VP’s Kamil “Koma`” Biktimirov was banned for boosting in official matches
  • He pleaded for a lighter sentence
  • The community does not seem to be on his side

Valve’s ban hammer struck the Dota 2 professional community hard as some pro players received life-long bans for smurfing and cheating.

Valve Unleashes a Ban Wave

Smurfing and boosting are a problem that plagues many games and Dota 2 is not immune to that. Not only that but the frowned upon practice can often extend to even high-ranking esports professionals. Valve’s most recent operation against this saw the company give out a bunch of lifetime bans on players who have been accused of smurfing and boosting. 

Some of these even included names from the professional Dota 2 competitive scene. One of the ban receivers was Virtus Pro’s latest position one player, Kamil “Koma`” Biktimirov. The player was found guilty of account sharing in official matches. The player released a statement soon after his ban, pleading for a lighter sentence. Considering Koma’ is currently banned from participating in all Valve and PGL events, this is a career-ending situation. 

“I made a mistake and listened to the persuasions of other people,” the 20-year-old player said. “I played an official match with another account, hoping to receive prize money. I admit my guilt and apologize to the entire community, especially to VP fans.”

Whether or not the player’s plights will be heard by Valve remains to be seen, but Virtus Pro’s president Nikolai Petrossian expressed his disappointment with Koma. He assured fans that the club will uphold fair play and sportsmanship above anything else. “Despite the fact that Koma’ had made that fatal mistake before joining @virtuspro, the club strongly condemns any manipulations in professional esports, which undermine public trust in the esports industry,” Petrossian wrote. “Hope these tough sanctions will teach a lesson to everyone.”

How Did Other Pros Respond?

The response from the professional community to the ban wave that struck many Dota 2 players was not delayed. Shopify Rebellion star Andreas “Cr1t” Nielsen was asked about his thoughts on the matter on his stream on December 20. His response was firm, stating he wants all players like that removed for good, regardless of their standing in the community.

“What do I think about the ban on the VP carry player? I think it’s great,” he said. “Account sharing, smurfs, account buying, all sorts of secondary accounts. Get them the fuck out of Dota. I think it’s great. It’s my honest opinion.”

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