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Published: June 24, 2021

Written by: Hannah

  • Valve gave a peak on 2021’s battle pass as it went live
  • It will include some notable rewards for players to strive for
  • A second battle pass will be coming later this year

Valve released this year’s battle pass and promised that one more is coming later. 

The 2021 Battle Pass Goes Live

Valve has released the first battle pass for Dota 2 and revealed information for the upcoming Nemestice event. The battle pass will cost $7.49 and will provide players with the choice of either unlocking levels by themselves or purchasing them additionally. 

Each level of the battle pass will yield some reward to the player. Purchasing levels will cost $26.99 for 50 tiers and $41.99 for 100. Players may choose to level up the pass manually by playing Dota 2 games and completing objectives. 

The earning from the battle pass will not be going to The International 10’s $40 million prize pool as it was already funded by 2020’s battle pass. 

Valve also gave players a peek into what the battle pass will be offered. Some of the most notable prizes the game will reward players’ hard work with are the Arcana bundle for the Spectre character and a new persona for Dragon Knight, based on the recent Dota 2 anime. Additionally, the battle pass will include a brand new set of Immortal treasures. People can also expect chat wheels, emojis, sprays, effects, and river vials. 

As an additional surprise, it was revealed that this would not be the only battle pass for the year, and one more will be making its way to the game on a later date.

Fans will hear of this more as the year progresses. 

The Nemestice Events Sets New Goals For Players

Dragon Knight’s persona will be based on the protagonist of the recent Dota 2 anime called DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. It will include several armor parts and a sword that will be unlocked from different levels of the battle pass – 200 for the sword, 215 for the helmet, and 222 for the cuirass.  

Additionally, the Spectre Arcana is something people have long been excited about. Spectre was voted by the players as the one to receive an Arcana bundle, and it is indeed happening. The bundle will include the following:

  • A brand new model for the character
  • New custom animations and effects
  • New hero assets
  • 500+ new voice lines exclusive for the Arcana
  • Custom death and special item effect
  • The additional unlockable second style

The second Phantom Ascension style will be unlockable by scoring a mega kill streak in 100 different games. Luckily, this challenge will not be limited to the duration of this battle pass, and everyone who earns the Arcana bundle will be able to complete it at a later date.

The Nemestice event will get players to collected smoldering pieces from meteorites. Collecting those fragments will give a temporary boost to the character’s power and will be an important thing to do. 

New weekly quests will be introduced to help people collect those precious battle points. 

Additionally, a Cavern Crawl event will also be added. 

It is exciting to have the battle pass roll-up. It will be an even more pleasant surprise if the issues surrounding TI10 get quickly resolved, so the event doesn’t suffer from that.  

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