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Published: December 9, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Valve has announced that starting the Winter DPC 2021/2022 season, the Supporters Clubs will have regional pricings
  • This means that fans from countries with less-developed economics will be able to support their favorite teams at an affordable rate
  • Valve also revealed what the boons for purchasing a supporter pack are

As the new Dota 2 begins, Valve has introduced regional prices for the Supporters Clubs, making them more affordable to fans across the world.

Valve Introduces Regional Pricings for the Supporters Clubs

With the start of the new competitive Dota 2 season, Valve has blessed fans with regional prices for the Dota 2 Supporters Clubs. This means that the prices of joining the clubs will vary in line with the quality of life in users’ countries. This way, even more fans of competitive Dota will be able to affordably show their love for esports.

The Supporters Clubs are a fairly recent mechanic that Valve describes as “a way for fans to support their favorite teams and proudly display their allegiance.” By supporting a team, players can select one of three tiers – bronze, silver, or gold – and receive various in-game cosmetics depending on their tier.

Valve’s official announcement states that the regional prices aim to “better support the economies of countries that make up Dota’s fanbase.” For example, in the previous season, joining a support club cost $2 for the bronze tier, $10 for silver, and $20 for gold. But now, with the regional prices in place, fans in countries with different economies will have the same boons for a lower price.

Valve Has Revealed What Fans Would Get for Supporting a Team

Other than announcing the regional prices, Valve also provided passionate Dota 2 enthusiasts with a peek at the support bundles. With Dota 2 adopting fantasy esports for the Winter season, all three tiers of joining the Supporters Clubs will contain not only emoji and screen arts but also fantasy packs as well.

In Valve’s words, here is the list of everything that will be included in the three tiers:

Bronze Tier

  • A badge for your favorite team, which will appear in your friends list, player profile, Versus Screen, and in-game scoreboard (swappable if you purchase more than one team’s bundle)
  • 1 Team Fantasy Player Pack
  • 1 Basic Fantasy Player Pack

Silver Tier

  • All the perks of the Bronze Club
  • Sprays to liven up your map and chat, and Loading Screens
  • 2 additional Team Player Card Packs
  • 6 additional Basic Player Card Packs

Gold Tier

  • All of the perks of the Bronze and Silver Clubs
  • A special in-game HP-bar badge, as well as Emoticons and Chat Wheel Lines to proclaim your allegiance in-game
  • 3 additional Team Player Card Packs
  • 7 additional Basic Player Card Packs

Fifty percent of the proceeds from the Supporters Club packs will go to the respective teams, making this a great way for fans to both help their favorite players out and get some exclusive branded badges.

Fans of more than one team can freely purchase multiple Supporters Clubs. They should keep in mind that a few teams still don’t have their own Supporters Clubs or have only a bronze tier one.

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