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Published: November 11, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Valve has announced what changes are coming to the next DPC season
  • The competitive play will return to a format with three regional leagues and three Majors
  • Valve explained about the roster locks that will prevent players from suddenly being left without a team

Valve has detailed its plans for the next DPC season – as fans expected, the league will return to having three Majors.

Valve Makes a Point About Team Ownership

The 2021 DPC season has reached its conclusion with Team Spirit grabbing the Aegis of Champions and Valve is already looking forward. The next competitive Dota 2 season is about to change things a little bit.

One of the most important things to note is that Valve has clarified who owns a team slot.

“The owner of the slot is the person who is registered as the admin of the team. In the case of a team organization, this generally is a manager or a person representing the organization. In other cases it can be the captain of a team, any specific player or a neutral third party,” the official announcement reads.

It was added that an admin can transfer his position to another person at any point.

Next DPC Season Back to Three Majors

The next year will return to the three-Major-format Dota 2 once had. This means that there will be three separate tours with regional league season that culminates into a Major event. The regional leagues and Majors themselves will remain more or less the same but the DPC point distribution will change. According to Valve, later events will provide more points than the ones preceding them.

The distribution is as follows:

  • Top six team in the first regional league season: 690 DPC points
  • Top six team in the second regional league season: 920 DPC points
  • Top six team in the third regional league season: 1,150 DPC points
  • Top eight teams in the first Major: 1,900 DPC points
  • Top eight teams in the first Major: 2,700 DPC points
  • Top eight teams in the first Major: 3,500 DPC points

This way teams that manage to qualify for The International 11 in one of the later tours will have a better chance to climb the standings or more DPC points to sacrifice when making roster changes.

The Next DPC Season Will Bring an Updated Roster Lock Policy

Speaking of roster changes, starting November 21, 2021, teams will be unable to make changes to their rosters. Following that, another roster lock will occur on the Tuesdays following each Major. Thanks to this, esports athletes can take a breather, knowing that they cannot suddenly find themselves without a team, with no time to find a new one.

Teams will be able to make roster changes during the time before a lock but doing so will still lead to 15% DPC points being deducted from the team’s pool. If a team decides to remove a player after qualifying for a Major, that will lead to a 35% DPC point penalty.

Substitute players will remain a thing but a team that plays more than five regional league matches with a substitute will be disqualified. Moreover, playing with a substitute during a Major will lead to a 40% decrease in DPC points earned.

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