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Published: November 24, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Valve has announced that the new DPC season will bring a new battle pass
  • Additionally, the company is planning to have Fantasy play return
  • This time, Fantasy will be introduced for the duration of the regular seasons, instead of being exclusive to The International

Valve has announced a new battle pass and a refreshed Fantasy format are making their way into Dota 2.

A New Battle Pass is in the Works

Valve has announced some exciting news about Dota 2. Other than the upcoming season changing the competitive aspect, there will be a battle pass making its way to the game and Fantasy esports will become a staple.

The new battle pass will function in a much similar fashion to the one that was released in the summer. It will provide players with new tiers to grind and tons of new prizes to win. According to the announcement, Valve has some “special conundrum cooking and it can’t wait to share it.” The company added that it’s currently putting the final touches on the battle pass and will release more news about it very soon.

Fantasy Play Returns Stronger than Ever

Furthermore, Valve has “brought out Fantasy play out of the Compendium and into the wider DPC season.” In other words, players will be able to play fantasy for the duration of each tour.

Valve explained that it will work in a similar fashion as in The International. However, one of the main differences is that scoring will be calculated by a broader time frame (generally a week, with the holiday season being an exception) instead of daily.

Valve continued by explaining that for each period fans can create a custom roster, comprised of two “core player cards,” one “mid player card,” and two “support player cards.” Depending on the respective players’ performance in the DPC matches, Fantasy players will earn various amounts of points.

Some cards, such as silver and gold cards, will earn players more points than regular ones. Players receive 10 starter packs when they sign in for the Fantasy esports game. More card packs can be earned by playing Dota 2 daily and winning games. Additionally, players will be able to get team packs from the Supporters Club bundles.

Another major difference from The International is that Fantasy play will be now divided by regions. A Fantasy player can choose to play in more than one region. Points don’t stack but the fantasy league will count a player’s highest result. Valve provided an example where a player plays in two leagues, reaching the top 10% in one and the top 50% in the other. In such a case, the game will provide rewards fitting for the top 10%.

All first division matches will be eligible for Fantasy play with the highest scoring two games of a best-of-three counting towards a Fantasy player’s score. In case a team plays more than one series, only their highest-scoring one will count.

As for the Rewards, they will be as follows:

  • Top 10% scoring Fantasy Teams – 3 Fantasy Levels
  • Top 25% scoring Fantasy Teams – 2 Fantasy Levels
  • Top 50% scoring Fantasy Teams – 1 Fantasy Level

Fantasy players who get three fantasy levels will get DPC Winter 2022 Tour treasure. Other players will get 500 shards.

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