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Published: November 3, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Tundra had a short run at The International this year
  • Head coach Aui_2000 talked about the team’s performance in a recent video
  • According to him, big roster changes are not out of the question

Despite being last year’s champions and coming into TI12 with a lot of fanfare, Tundra Esports performed poorly, prompting coach Aui_2000 to explain what happened.

Aui_2000 Talks About Tundra’s Performance and Future

We are at that time of the year when many Dota 2 professional teams are looking to revamp their rosters in preparation for the upcoming competitive season. Transfers and restructuring are happening as we speak and in the next couple of months, competitive Dota 2 fans will see numerous exchanges.

However, not every team will likely get the roster they might wish for and this includes Tundra Esports, this event’s defending champions. Having won last year’s TI11, the team was hyped a lot in this year’s tournament, as fans expected an impressive showing from the UK-based organization. Unfortunately for Tundra and their followers, the team didn’t good in TI12 at all, dropping down to the lower bracket playoffs and later making a shocking exit from the tournament after losing to Entity.

With such a turnout of the events, many are wondering what happened to Tundra this year. Fortunately, the organization recently released a new vlog that talks about the organization’s latest woes. “Our Final Documentary takes us through the trials and tribulations of The International 12,” the video’s description reads. “See firsthand our players’ thoughts and actions through the group stage to lower bracket knockout.”

According to Aui_2000, Tundra’s head coach the main reason the team lost to Entity was that it played Dota carelessly. He explained that despite having a game plan and practicing a lot before the event, the squad made unforeseen mistakes, which often occur when the players are not in their best mental form. According to the coach, the pressure of these mistakes started to stack up until the inevitable came, and Tundra lost.

Although TI12 has ended with Team Spirit lifting the coveted Aegis of Champions above their heads, Tundra already has to think about the future. Unfortunately, Aui_2000 didn’t seem to give a concrete answer about the organization’s plans going forward. “After our loss to Entity, the future is sort of uncertain in Dota as always. After TI, no one knows if there will be a reshuffle, if people will want to continue playing together, and stuff like this. The talk after we lost was just everything to say how thankful they are for the last two years of working together,” the coach explained.

It looks like roster restructuring is a real possibility and Tundra will likely update fans if this is the case in the following weeks.

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