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Published: November 1, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Rumors say Valve might not be making the iconic documentary for this year’s The International
  • The documentary for TI11 has also not been aired yet
  • Some say there might not be a TI12 iteration of True Sight due to the smaller prize pool

With Valve still not announcing when TI11’s True Sight documentary would be released, rumors started circulating that the company might skip it this year.

Where is True Sight?

For a few years now, Valve has filmed a documentary complementary to every The International event that takes fans on a “behind the scenes” journey that shows the lives of pro teams during the biggest Dota 2 event of the competitive season. Called True Sight, it has become a staple of every TI since 2017, but it seems this might change. Valve has yet to release the TI11 entry for the series, while rumors are circulating that there might not even be a True Sight for TI12.

The company has never really had a definitive schedule for the debut of every year’s documentary, but it has widely been considered that this year’s iteration would drop sometime before the October 27 finals of TI12. However, as Team Spirit lifted the trophy above their heads, winning a The International for the second time, there was no True Sight to be seen.

This made many wonder if there will even be an iteration of the series this year. Their concerns seem to be proven by Team Spirit host and former Counter-Strike pro Vyacheslav “Art1st” Lyadnov, who said there will be no True Sight this year on his Telegram yesterday.

Why Is There No True Sight?

Some other sources have suggested that Valve “didn’t record the teams they’d need for [a True Sight]” at TI12. Of course, Valve could still make a documentary using the footage they already have Valve “didn’t record the teams they’d need for [a True Sight]” at TI12. However, this would not be the same as going “behind the scenes”, including the between-match moments and in-booth content, which was what has made previous True Sight episodes so beloved.

Perhaps this potential outcome should not come as a total surprise, as like N0tail predicted last October, there might be a move away from the series. “With the prize pool decrease and no True Sight, the only way I can read into it is [I’m] confused, and maybe now [Valve] cares less,” n0tail said on OG’s podcast. “I saw the statistics. Every True Sight you have an influx of players, this is as close as they get to an advertisement. Why are you taking this away? Are you replacing it with something? I’m sad.”

So far, there are no news on when Valve will release this year’s TI True Sight.

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