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Published: March 2, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Valve has released a new update for Dota 2
  • Players can now grind cosmetics for eight heroes and earn new guild rewards
  • Dota Plus subscribers can benefit from quality-of-life assistant features

Valve has released a new update for Dota 2, bringing new treasures, quests, guild rewards, and assistant features.

The Dota 2 Spring Update is Out

With February now over, Valve has wasted no time and has officially launched the Dota Plus Spring update, bringing new content to the game. The new update features new treasures, new content and Assistant features to up the quality of life of Dota 2 players.

Getting into the sweet stuff right away, it is worth noting that eight heroes are getting new cosmetics. The new skins are part of the Spring 2022 seasonal treasure which Dota 2 players can purchase with shards. Players who like Anti-Mage, Axe, Death Prophet, Grimstroke, Kunkka, Lion, Omniknight and Winter Wyvern can rejoice as all those characters now have new visuals to unlock.

Additionally, lucky players may also stumble upon an extremely rare courier from the treasures, called Leafy the Seadragon.

Valve has been considerate of its passionate fanbase and introduced new Spring Dota Plus quests to help its most dedicated players garnish up to 115,200 shards, greatly easing their treasure woes.

New Guild Rewards and Assistant Features Are Released

New guild content has also made its way into the game under the form of new spring guild rewards. The rewards can be earned only by players in a guild and unlock new emoticons, sprays and chat wheels.

The Silver tier of the guild rewards contains three emoticons called rapier, spin and whoahahah. Gold tier guilds can earn three sprays – Legion commander winner, Mireska wow and Tidehunter thumbs up. Last but not least, the Platinum rewards contain three chat wheels:

  • “There is nothing that can stop this man!”
  • “? ??-?? ???-?? ????. ? ??? ???. ???.”
  • “??????!”

The news doesn’t end there as Dota Plus subscribers can also benefit from several new assistant features added by the new patch. These include a Rune Spawn Indicator and Neutral Item Upgrade Recommendations. The addition of these quality-of-life features is Valve’s way to help Dota 2 players streamline their experience.

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