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Published: October 5, 2021

Written by: David

  • Team Spirit are disgruntled by their less-than-perfect accommodations in Romania
  • Manager Belov released a video of the cramped conditions, reminding that the teams will play the group stage from their rooms
  • At the time of the video’s release, Team Spirit had neither internet connection nor toilet paper

Team Spirit’s players are very disappointed by The International 10’s Spartan accommodations. They showcased their minuscule room that barely fits six of their eight players.

Team Spirit’s Suboptimal Conditions

The International 10 is just around the corner with most of the teams already settling down in Romania to train before the event. However, as teams arrived, many noticed that their accommodations aren’t exactly great.

Team Spirit has been one of the most vocal teams on that matter. The disgruntled players shared that they’ve got barely any space to set up their PCs and get everyone training for the big event. Dmitry “Korb3n” Belov, Team Spirit’s manager, made a video, showcasing the room that the players are currently training at.

Belov toured the cramped area, jokingly comparing it with “the Hunger Games”. He revealed that the team has to play in the hotel room’s kitchen.

“Reminder: we will play the group stage from this room,” Belov said.

In the video six of the eight Team Spirit players have barely been fit in the cramped room. There is virtually no space for the remaining two.

The camera turned towards the support player Miroslaw “Miroslaw” Kolpakov who pointed out the conditions remind him of his years as a university student. Kolpakov jested that at least now they’ve got a microwave – something he lacked in his uni dorm.

The problems don’t stop there – uncomfortable tables, lack of an internet connection and lack of toilet paper are all problems that irk the players.

Belov noted that these conditions are chosen to reflect the team’s DPC points. According to him, teams with more Dota Pro Circuit points have much more habitable hotel rooms.

Such a DPC bias was never officially confirmed by Valve officially but by looking at Virtus.Pro’s room, it seems that its players indeed drew the long stick – while their room isn’t luxurious, they’ve at least got enough space to fit their players.

The International 10’s Turbulent Organization

While it’s obvious Team Spirit isn’t exactly thrilled by the state of affairs, the players do acknowledge that Valve had a lot of work to do in relocating The International 10. Belov hopes that next year things will return to normalcy and no team will have to deal with such an accommodation.

The International 10 is one of the biggest esports events ever with a prize pool of a whopping $40 million. It was originally planned for Sweden but a chain of problems with the Swedish law sent Valve in a search of a new venue.

The event is now set for Bucharest, Romania with most of the teams already there and training. The teams will play the group stage from their rooms but will meet live during the later stages of the tournament.

Valve had originally planned the event to have a live audience but just backed down on this decision and refunded all tickets.

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