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Published: January 10, 2022

Written by: David Kent

  • SOAZ says he enjoys playing Dota more than League in a recent interview
  • He says Dota 2 is more creative than League
  • Despite that, sOAZ is still one of the most renowned LoL veterans and continues to play

In a recent interview, the French League of Legends veteran sOAZ revealed he finds Dota 2 more fun to play than League.

SOAZ Makes a Fascinating Statement

Paul “sOAZ” Boyer is one of France’s most decorated esports professionals. With a career spanning over a decade, the 27-year-old started his career playing CS:GO, then transitioning to Dota 2, and later League of Legends where he made a name for himself as a top-tier mid-laner.

Despite praise from both fans, and the teams he’s played in, it seems sOAZ does not enjoy LoL that much. In a recent interview he did for Richard “Rich” Wells (who was formerly H2k’s CEO and is currently director of The Black Lodge media agency), the League of Legends veteran said he enjoys LoL’s competitor, Dota 2, more than his main game.

On his YouTube channel, Rich has a series called Desert Island Games, where he interviews many pros. He recently interviewed sOAZ, asking the French veteran about many things, including what his early life gaming was, to what made the original Fnatic special, compared to its most recent iterations. Perhaps the most shocking thing sOAZ had to say, however, was when he shared his opinion regarding League of Legends and Dota 2, saying he finds the latter has way more creativity involved.

Why Does SOAZ Find Dota More Interesting?

When asked to give his opinion on the two games, sOAZ surprised the interviewer by saying Dota 2 is more fun. “Back then, I would say that purely off playing, I think at the top, Dota is probably more fun because League is a lot more team-based.” The French pro elaborated, saying that Dota 2 also has a lot of teamwork involved, yet there’s just more room for individual error. SOAZ also explained that Dota 2 offers more opportunities for playing creatively, and that’s one of the most fun aspects, compared to League.

Despite his low-key criticism of LoL, the French pro still plays the game regularly. He is currently with the Austrian esports organization WAVE Esports, which he signed back in December. During his nine years of competitive League playing, sOAZ has amassed many accolades, including five LEC split championships, two semifinal World placements, and two Worlds Finals appearances. Perhaps it’s his yearning for creative play and unorthodox tactics that helped him achieve such longevity in the esports field.

With the release of League’s new champion Zeri, perhaps the French legend will once again harness his creativity and find new ways to play with the character.

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