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Published: May 15, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • PSG.LGD wins China’s DPC regional final
  • The team dominated their rivals Team Aster
  • They are currently sitting at 1 400 DPC points

Due to a Covid lockdown, Chinese teams had to play at the region’s DPC final, which PSG.LGD won for the second time.

LGD Wins Yet Another Regional Final

Due to the Chinese government initiating yet another Covid-19 lockdown, many of the country’s esports teams have not been able to leave Chine to attend international events. This includes the lack of Chinese rosters at the upcoming Dota Pro Circuit Major in Stockholm, Sweden. Instead, Chinese teams competed in the region’s specially formatted Regional Finals, so they could still end the Spring Tour with a bang.

PSG.LGD emerged victorious from that event, winning their second-straight full win of the competitive season with a 3-0 win over Team Aster. This also marks an almost four-year-long dominance of LGD in the Chinese DPC competitive scene. Although the team has before competed with different roster compositions, it still remains close to the top.

LGD’s Climb to the Top

Although LGD dominated Aster at the finals, their victory was not guaranteed at all, because Aster was the only team to take a series off of LGD during the Spring Tour regional league. During the Regional Final, Aster would upset Xtreme Gaming in round one and then deliver a sweep to the tournament favorites, with one game ending in just over 28 minutes thanks to a dominant showing from Ori’s Death Prophet.

Xtreme Gaming had a second chance and eliminated Royal Never Give Up, ending their run quite early. However, the team’s first season in Division I would conclude just one round later as LGD cleaned them up 2–1 with back-to-back sub-30 minute games.

Riding the wave of victories, LGD once again met Aster at the grand final. The team seemed unstoppable thanks to Ame and NothingToSay’s impressive plays. Aster made many attempts to climb back into the game, but only managed to scratch the surface of LGD’s defenses in the early stages of game two and the mid-game of game three. Aster’s attempts proved futile, as LGD managed to hold out until they could take a convincing fight to net another Regional Finals win.

This makes two straight DPC Tours where LGD won both the regional league and Regional Final title in China. Currently, the team has 1 400 points, making them the only team above the 1 000 point threshold (this is not taking into account the results of the DPC Stockholm Major). This likely guarantees LGD a spot at The International 11.

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